Rep. Dean Phillips Launches Democratic Primary Challenge Against President Joe Biden

Mia Nightshade

Updated Saturday, October 28, 2023 at 3:41 AM CDT

Rep. Dean Phillips Launches Democratic Primary Challenge Against President Joe Biden

Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota has announced his candidacy for the Democratic primary, challenging President Joe Biden for the 2024 election. In a statement released on Thursday, Phillips expressed his belief that Biden cannot win the general election next year, viewing it as an existential threat to the future of the United States. Although Phillips clarified that he is not running against Joe Biden himself, he emphasized that he is running for the future of the country, citing policy differences.

During an interview with NBC's "Meet the Press" host Kristen Welker, Phillips highlighted his concerns regarding the circumstances at the southern border, which he visited twice. He believes that the Democrats have not effectively addressed this issue. Despite his criticisms, Phillips stated that he will not demean or undermine the president. If he is not the nominee, he pledged to do everything he can to ensure the election of the Democratic nominee.

Phillips, a three-term Minnesota congressman and millionaire businessman, expressed his belief that the U.S. political system is broken and corrupt. He sees the need for someone who does not come from Washington to bring about meaningful change. However, Phillips made it clear that he will not run as an independent for president.

Phillips' announcement has garnered mixed reactions. Biden's campaign spokesman responded, stating that President Biden is proud of the unified support he has from the Democratic party for his reelection. The Biden campaign remains indifferent to Phillips' challenge, focusing on mobilizing a winning coalition to defeat the MAGA Republicans in the upcoming election. Shortly after Phillips' official launch, the Biden campaign sent out a fundraising email signed by Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz titled "Minnesota loves Joe Biden."

Phillips is joining other potential candidates, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West, in the race for the Democratic nomination. Allies and operatives working on Biden's reelection campaign have offered criticism of Phillips and Steve Schmidt, the former Republican strategist turned anti-Trump critic who is now a top strategist for Phillips' campaign. Phillips expects his former friends and colleagues to mobilize against him.

In terms of strategy, Phillips plans to focus on winning voters in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Michigan. He believes that his breakthrough will likely come in New Hampshire, where seasoned Democratic operatives are preparing a write-in campaign for Joe Biden. A campaign is also being organized to restore New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation status for Democrats in 2024.

Phillips, who is relatively unknown in New Hampshire, faces competition from Marianne Williamson. However, some New Hampshire Democrats and independents prefer Phillips over Williamson. Additionally, independent voters are being encouraged to vote in the GOP contest to hurt Trump's chances in New Hampshire.

To support his campaign, Phillips plans to seed it with a $2 million personal loan. Despite the challenges he may face, State Rep. Eric Gallager believes that Phillips has a shot at winning. June Latti, a Concord Democrat, was sold on Phillips after hearing him speak. Carol Harris, a Democrat, is considering voting for Phillips due to concerns about Biden's age.

The stakes of next year's election are described as high for the American people, and Phillips' candidacy adds an interesting dynamic to the Democratic primary race. As the campaign progresses, it remains to be seen how Phillips' challenge will impact the overall election landscape and the future of the Democratic party.

Republican Bias:

In true liberal fashion, Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota is challenging President Biden for the 2024 election, citing policy differences and a broken political system as his motivation. It seems even within their own party, Democrats can't agree on how to run the country. Phillips, a millionaire businessman, believes he's the one to bring about meaningful change, yet he's another example of a wealthy elite trying to dictate the lives of everyday Americans. He criticizes the Democrats' handling of the southern border crisis, yet he's part of the very party that created the problem. It's clear that Democrats are more interested in power plays and internal squabbles than in serving the American people.

Liberal Bias:

In a bold move against the stagnant status quo, Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota has announced his candidacy for the 2024 Democratic primary. He's bravely challenging President Biden, highlighting the Democratic administration's failure to effectively address the southern border crisis. Phillips, unlike the current administration, recognizes the broken and corrupt nature of our political system and is willing to fight for change. The Biden campaign, however, dismisses Phillips' challenge, showing a lack of respect for differing opinions within their own party. If they're not careful, their arrogance could hand the election to the MAGA Republicans. Phillips' candidacy could be the wake-up call the Democratic party needs to start prioritizing the needs of the American people over their own political ambitions.

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