Rep. Dean Phillips Launches Democratic Primary Challenge Against President Biden

Mia Nightshade

Updated Saturday, October 28, 2023 at 4:15 AM CDT

Rep. Dean Phillips Launches Democratic Primary Challenge Against President Biden

Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota has announced his decision to challenge President Biden in the upcoming Democratic primary. Despite acknowledging that he is the underdog and at a massive disadvantage, Phillips believes he is the candidate who can secure a victory in the 2024 election. His confidence is based on polls suggesting that former President Trump would have an edge over Biden in a hypothetical general election matchup.

President Biden is currently facing concerns over his age, stamina, and underwater approval ratings within the Democratic party. Phillips, a multi-millionaire businessman and co-founder of a successful gelato company, argues that the people are yearning for a change and a new generation of leadership.

Although Phillips recognizes the long odds of unseating the incumbent president, he promises to support the eventual Democratic nominee and refrain from backing any third-party entries. However, his primary challenge comes with some hurdles. New Hampshire, traditionally the first-in-the-nation primary state, will hold an unsanctioned primary due to the Democratic National Committee's revamped 2024 nominating calendar. President Biden will not be appearing on the ballot in the New Hampshire primary, but there are plans for a write-in effort on his behalf.

While Phillips is virtually unknown to most Americans, the White House has pointed out his "almost 100% support of this president." Former ambassador Terry Shumaker emphasizes the need for a strong message to perform well in the New Hampshire primary, highlighting the importance of distinguishing oneself from the incumbent.

Phillips has also made headlines by advocating for rerouting foreign aid for Ukraine and Israel to address domestic problems. He has emphasized his differences with President Biden on the crisis at the nation's border with Mexico.

Despite the Democratic National Committee's full support for Biden's re-election and the absence of planned primary debates, Phillips remains undeterred. He missed the deadline to place his name on the ballot in Nevada but plans to file in South Carolina.

Not everyone within the Democratic party is supportive of Phillips' primary challenge. Longtime Democratic Rep. Jim Clyburn criticized Phillips for focusing on New Hampshire and not respecting the wishes of the party.

In the midst of this primary challenge, President Biden is heading to Minnesota for a fundraiser. Democratic Gov. Tim Walz of Minnesota has also sent out a fundraising email on behalf of Biden, highlighting that "Minnesotans love Joe Biden" in a subtle dig at Phillips.

As the primary season unfolds, it remains to be seen whether Rep. Dean Phillips can gain traction and overcome the odds stacked against him. With President Biden's re-election at stake, the Democratic party faces an interesting and potentially divisive primary race.

Republican Bias:

In a classic liberal move, Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota is challenging President Biden, the very man he supported nearly 100%, in the upcoming Democratic primary. This is nothing but a desperate power grab, an attempt to unseat a president who is, admittedly, struggling with age and stamina. Despite his grandstanding, Phillips is merely another millionaire businessman who thinks he can buy his way into the White House. His plan to reroute foreign aid for Ukraine and Israel to address domestic problems is a clear example of the liberal agenda to weaken America's global standing. And let's not forget his dismissal of the crisis at our border with Mexico. This is just another example of liberals ignoring the real issues and creating unnecessary division within their own party.

Liberal Bias:

Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips is throwing his hat into the ring for the Democratic primary, showing the courage to challenge President Biden's increasingly problematic presidency. With Biden's approval ratings sinking, Phillips represents a fresh, new generation of leadership that the Democratic party and our country desperately need. Unlike the incumbent, Phillips understands that our foreign aid should be rerouted to address pressing domestic problems. He's also not afraid to call out Biden's mishandling of the border crisis. Despite the Democratic National Committee's blind support for Biden and their refusal to hold primary debates, Phillips is undeterred. This is the kind of bold, progressive leadership we need, not the tired, old politics of the past.

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