President Joe Biden Secures Democratic Nomination for 2024 Election

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Wednesday, March 13, 2024 at 11:18 AM CDT

President Joe Biden Secures Democratic Nomination for 2024 Election

President Joe Biden has officially clinched the Democratic presidential nomination for the 2024 election, setting the stage for a high-stakes rematch against Donald Trump. NBC News projected Biden's nomination this Tuesday after he secured a commanding lead in delegates, including at least 100 from Georgia and another 35 from Mississippi. The Democratic National Convention in Chicago, scheduled for this August, will officially nominate Biden as the Democratic contender.

Despite concerns about his age and mental capability, Biden faced minimal opposition in the primary races. With no major Democratic figures like Governors Gavin Newsom or Gretchen Whitmer entering the fray, Biden's path to the nomination was relatively smooth. Notably, Bernie Sanders refrained from challenging Biden and advised other progressives to support the incumbent president.

Biden's primary opponents included U.S. Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota and author Marianne Williamson, while Robert Kennedy Jr. briefly contended before pursuing an independent bid. Biden's dominance was clear, winning 19 out of 20 contests and amassing 99% of the delegates from those victories. His performance peaked in the high 80% to low 90% range in 12 contests, with his lowest primary performance in Hawaii, capturing 66% of the vote. His sole loss occurred in American Samoa to Jason Palmer.

The Democratic National Committee, influenced by Biden's campaign, rearranged the primary calendar, granting South Carolina the influential first primary position. This shift echoes Biden's 2020 campaign, which gained momentum after a pivotal endorsement from U.S. Rep. James Clyburn and a win in the South Carolina primary.

Facing a potential vulnerability due to his age, Biden, who would be 86 at the end of a second term, has strived to reassure voters of his fitness for office. His energetic State of the Union address played a central role in this effort. Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League, underscored the speech's significance as a pivotal moment for Biden's campaign. In the address, Biden sharply contrasted himself with Trump, a tactic that Democratic allies are encouraging to underline Trump's perceived threat to democracy.

Biden's approval ratings have been lackluster, with only 38% of U.S. adults approving of his job performance and even fewer endorsing his economic policies, as per an AP-NORC survey. His legislative achievements, such as infrastructure investments and support for the semiconductor industry, have been overshadowed by challenges, including divisions within his party over his staunch backing of Israel during the Gaza conflict.

Despite these obstacles, no major Democrats have positioned themselves as alternatives to Biden, who has raised a significant $10 million following his State of the Union address. The president's campaign narrative centers on defending freedom, opposing GOP-led efforts to restrict abortion rights, and contrasting his foreign policy stance with Trump's.

As the general election approaches, Biden's nomination heralds a contentious battle ahead. Both Democrats and Republicans are gearing up for November, with the incumbent president portraying the election as a crucial fight for the nation's future. Biden's experience, including his handling of the Ukraine crisis and his legislative successes, will be pivotal in his effort to secure a second term and further solidify his presidential legacy.

Conservative Bias:

Folks, here we go again with the Democrats propping up Sleepy Joe Biden for another run at the presidency. Despite the man's clear cognitive decline and disastrous policies that have wreaked havoc on the American economy, the radical left is doubling down on failure. It’s as if they have a death wish for our nation, ignoring the voices of reason and experience. No competition from within the Democratic Party? That's because they've rigged the system, ensuring that no viable candidate could challenge Biden's decrepit reign. They're setting the stage for another round of socialist agendas, open borders, and attacks on our fundamental freedoms. And they have the audacity to call Trump a threat to democracy? Please. The real threat is a president who can barely string a sentence together and has led us into an era of inflation, weakness on the world stage, and a total disregard for the rule of law. The liberal media might be singing Biden's praises, but the American people know better. We're tired of the lies, the incompetence, and the relentless assault on our values. It’s time to take our country back from the brink of the radical left's disastrous policies.

Liberal Bias:

Once again, the Republican fear-mongering machine is in overdrive, desperately trying to undermine President Joe Biden's legitimate and overwhelmingly supported bid for re-election. The GOP, clinging to their corrupt and disgraced leader, Donald Trump, is doing everything in its power to distract from their own party's complicity in eroding our democracy. They turn a blind eye to Trump's dangerous rhetoric and actions, while Biden has been tirelessly working to repair the damage done by the previous administration. The president's efforts to invest in our nation's infrastructure, to support critical industries, and to defend our most basic rights are met with nothing but obstruction and baseless criticism from the right. They mock Biden's age, yet conveniently forget the chaos and immaturity exhibited by Trump. The Republican agenda is clear: suppress the vote, strip away reproductive rights, and continue to line the pockets of the ultra-wealthy, all while selling out American values on the world stage. It's time for voters to see through the GOP's smokescreen of lies and fear tactics. Biden's leadership has been a beacon of hope and a return to decency, and this election is a battle for the soul of our nation—a battle we cannot afford to lose.

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