Nikki Haley Suffers Defeat to "None of These Candidates" in Nevada's GOP Primary

Mia Nightshade

Updated Thursday, February 8, 2024 at 12:22 PM CDT

Nikki Haley Suffers Defeat to "None of These Candidates" in Nevada's GOP Primary

In a surprising twist during the Republican primary in Nevada, Nikki Haley, former U.N. ambassador and South Carolina governor, faced an unconventional opponent and rival: the "none of these candidates" option. Despite Haley's continued campaign efforts, which included a fundraising event in Los Angeles and the announcement of a new campaign leadership team in M****chusetts, she finished second in Nevada's GOP primary, trailing behind the "none of these candidates" choice by more than a 2-to-1 margin with 86% of the votes counted.

Nevada's unique ballot option, which has been available since the post-Watergate era, led to a significant defeat for Haley, who received only 31% of the vote compared to the 63% garnered by "none of these candidates." This result came as a shock to many, considering Haley did not actively campaign in Nevada and ignored the primary, focusing her efforts elsewhere.

The outcome in Nevada can be attributed to the staunch support for former President Donald Trump within the state's GOP leadership, including state party chair Michael McDonald. Nevada's Republican Party implemented rules that favored Trump, such as requiring government-issued IDs for party-run caucuses and barring candidates who registered for the primary from participating in these caucuses. These regulations contributed to voter confusion and ensured Trump's dominance in the state.

Trump, who was not on the primary ballot, instructed his supporters to disregard the primary and concentrate on the caucuses. His campaign, along with local GOP committees, suggested voting for "none of these candidates" as a means to express support for him. Consequently, approximately 44,000 Republicans voted in the primary despite Trump's absence, with "none of these candidates" securing a landslide victory over Haley, which was interpreted as a humiliating defeat.

Notable conservative figures such as Steve Bannon and Wayne Allyn Root led a right-wing media campaign that encouraged this voting tactic in the primary to embarrass Haley. Additionally, Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo, a Trump supporter, publicly stated his intention to cast a symbolic primary vote for "none of these candidates" and support Trump in the caucus.

The Nevada GOP chair interpreted the primary result as a clear message for Haley to unite behind Trump, showcasing the loyalty and motivation of Trump's base. Without an organized campaign against Haley, Trump's team in Nevada urged voters to participate in the Republican caucus scheduled for Thursday, where Trump was expected to win all of Nevada's 26 delegates, as he was the only major candidate listed.

Haley has criticized the Nevada GOP for rigging the caucus in Trump's favor, calling the process a "scam." Despite this setback, her campaign showed financial strength by raising $1.7 million during a two-day fundraising trip in California. Following the Nevada primary, Trump took to Truth Social to criticize Haley for her loss to "None of These Candidates" by almost 30 points.

Former President Trump, who faced four criminal cases and discussed his campaigning plans in New York City on ‘Sunday Morning Futures,’ was considered a winner in Nevada's state-run Republican presidential primary, where voters could not write in his name but had the option to choose "none of these candidates." The Nevada GOP's unsuccessful legal bid to stop the state-run primary resulted in them being permitted to hold their own caucuses, which excluded candidates on the primary ballot.

This development in Nevada's primary raises questions about the influence of Trump's endorsement and the strategies of other Republican candidates as the race for the GOP's presidential nomination continues. Nikki Haley's campaign has stated that they deliberately did not invest in Nevada, where she has not visited since her speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition's annual leadership conference in late October. The Nevada primary's outcome serves as a reminder of the complexities and strategies that can emerge in political contests, particularly in states with unique electoral rules and strong party allegiances.

Conservative Bias:

Folks, what we have here is nothing short of a liberal conspiracy to undermine a true conservative leader. Nikki Haley, a beacon of common sense and American values, was sabotaged by the deep state operatives and RINOs who can't handle a strong woman shaking up the status quo. They're scared of her, so they pull out this ridiculous "none of these candidates" option—a clear attempt to disrespect the will of the people. It's a sham, a travesty, and a blatant display of the left's dirty tricks to divide and conquer the Republican Party. They're so terrified of Haley's potential to take back America that they're willing to stoop to these levels. It's an insult to democracy and a slap in the face to every true patriot out there. Mark my words, this isn't about voter choice; it's about liberal elites and Never Trumpers trying to silence a powerful conservative voice.

Liberal Bias:

Once again, the right-wing extremists have shown their true colors, rigging the system to thwart the democratic process. Nikki Haley, who dared to challenge the Trumpian grip on the GOP, has been disgracefully sidelined by a rigged caucus system that screams of authoritarianism. This is the work of a party that has lost its moral compass, bowing down to a wannabe dictator and his cronies who manipulate the rules to maintain their stranglehold on power. The "none of these candidates" farce is a slap in the face to democracy, a clear message that the Republican Party is no longer interested in the will of the people but only in blind loyalty to one man. It's a dark day for America when a candidate of Haley's caliber is pushed aside by a cult of personality that values sycophancy over substance, and fearmongering over fair play. This is not the Republican Party of Lincoln; it's a party hijacked by extremists who would rather see democracy crumble than relinquish their iron-f***** control.

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