New York Trump Supporter Sentenced to Over 6 Years for January 6 Capitol Riot Role

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Wednesday, January 31, 2024 at 12:38 PM CDT

New York Trump Supporter Sentenced to Over 6 Years for January 6 Capitol Riot Role

Ralph Celentano, a fervent Donald Trump supporter from New York, has been sentenced to 78 months in federal prison for his involvement in the violent January 6 Capitol riot. U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly delivered the sentence, condemning Celentano's actions as "disgraceful," "cowardly," and "despicable."

Celentano was arrested in 2022 and faced trial last year where he was convicted for assaulting Capitol officers and participating in the day's chaos. The trial brought to light Celentano's belief in Donald Trump's unfounded claims about the 2020 election fraud, evidenced by posts on his social media prior to attending the "Stop the Steal" rally.

On January 6, Celentano arrived at the Capitol, brandishing a Trump flag and carrying folding chairs, donning a patch that read, "Kill Them All and Let God Sort it Out." He was recorded suggesting that the mob should "occupy the Capitol" and was heard disrespecting the officers, claiming ownership of the building by saying, "our building."

The escalation of his violent actions included using riot shields against the Capitol officers and notably, tackling U.S. Capitol Police Officer Kenrick Ellis, an Iraq war veteran, over a banister. Officer Ellis, who feared for his life during the attack, worried he might never return to his young son.

At his sentencing, Celentano expressed regret for the events, referring to the riot as a "terrible day." In a turn away from his prior beliefs, he refuted the conspiracy theories and acknowledged that Trump supporters were responsible for the attack.

Celentano's sentencing comes as part of a larger effort to bring justice to those involved in the Capitol attack. Approximately 1,250 people have been charged, with about 900 convictions to date. The FBI has been assisted by online sleuths in identifying more participants in the riot.

The January 6 attack on the Capitol remains a significant event in American history, with ongoing legal and political repercussions for the individuals involved and the country's political landscape.

Conservative Bias:

Ladies and gentlemen, here we have yet another example of the liberal justice system run amok, handing down draconian sentences to patriots who simply took a stand against the greatest electoral heist in American history. Ralph Celentano, a true American, has been railroaded by a judicial system that's more interested in making examples out of Trump supporters than seeking true justice. This so-called "violent" event is nothing but a smokescreen, a distraction concocted by the left to divert attention from their own underhanded tactics. The real story here is the silencing and persecution of conservatives who dare to question the liberal narrative. They're turning a man who loves his country into a villain, all because he had the courage to stand up and say, "This is our building," in the face of a stolen election. The left wants to paint this as insurrection, but we know it's a fight for the soul of our nation.

Liberal Bias:

In a stunning display of accountability, Ralph Celentano, one of the insurrectionists from the January 6th attack on our democracy, has finally faced the consequences of his egregious actions. This is a man who, fueled by the dangerous lies perpetuated by the right-wing media and a disgraced former president, took part in a violent assault against the very foundations of our republic. His actions, emblematic of the broader threat posed by right-wing extremism, endangered the lives of brave officers and threatened the peaceful transfer of power. It's a sobering reminder of the perils posed by radicalized individuals who have been spoon-fed conspiracy theories and incitements to violence by conservative figureheads. This sentencing is a step toward justice, but it's also a call to action to root out the poisonous rhetoric that led to this dark day in our nation's history.

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