New York Judge Denies Trump's Attempt to Delay Hush Money Trial

Mia Nightshade

Updated Wednesday, April 10, 2024 at 6:32 AM CDT

New York Judge Denies Trump's Attempt to Delay Hush Money Trial

In a noteworthy development for the U.S. legal and political landscape, New York appeals court judge, Justice Cynthia Kern, has denied former President Donald Trump’s attempt to delay his upcoming hush money trial. The trial is set to commence in the following week, marking another legal setback for Trump whose legal team, including lawyer Emil Bove, had sought postponement. The request focused on delaying the trial until a full panel of appellate court judges could review a gag order issued by presiding Judge Juan M. Merchan. The gag order, which Trump’s lawyers argue infringes upon free speech rights, prevents public commentary about jurors, witnesses, and others involved in the case. Justice Lizbeth Gonzál** upheld the order and denied the delay.

The gag order was recently broadened to include restrictions on comments about the families of Judge Merchan and prosecutor Alvin Bragg. This expansion followed Trump’s social media posts which called the order “illegal, un-American, unconstitutional.” New York's Article 78, a legal provision that Trump has used in the past, allows for judges to be sued, although such attempts have not yielded success in delaying his trials thus far.

Trump’s hush money criminal case centers on allegations of falsifying records related to a $130,000 payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels, facilitated by his former lawyer Michael Cohen, to suppress negative stories during the 2016 presidential campaign. Despite pleading not guilty to 34 felony counts of falsifying business records and denying any sexual encounter with Daniels, Trump’s attempts to postpone the trial and request for Judge Merchan’s recusal citing alleged bias, have been denied.

The trial, a high-profile event set for April 15 at a state court in Manhattan with Justice Merchan presiding, has drawn significant attention. Trump has decried the case, led by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, as a partisan witch hunt and election interference. Jury selection is underway with a detailed questionnaire probing potential jurors’ opinions on Trump and political movements, reflecting the charged atmosphere around the trial.

Surveys conducted by Trump’s lawyers indicate that a significant majority of Manhattan residents hold a negative view of the former President, with 61% believing him to be guilty. However, such public opinion was deemed irrelevant by the prosecutor’s office lawyer, Steven Wu, if jurors can impartially judge the case based on evidence.

The hush money case is but one of four criminal indictments faced by Trump, with other charges relating to his efforts to overturn the 2020 election loss and mishandling sensitive documents post-presidency. Despite the intermittent nature of the investigations, which have earned the title of a "zombie case," Trump has maintained his innocence across all indictments.

The investigation itself has seen shifts in prosecutorial approach, with former prosecutor Mark Pomerantz resigning over DA Bragg’s decision not to pursue separate financial crime charges and Judge Alvin Hellerstein supporting Bragg’s legal theory by denying Trump’s bid to move the case to federal court. Additionally, the Trump Organization was convicted of tax fraud in December 2022, highlighting the web of legal challenges surrounding Trump and his business operations.

As the trial date approaches, the legal theories underpinning the case against Trump will be put to the test, with potential implications for the interpretation of campaign finance laws and state law violations. The nation now watches as the proceedings unfold in Manhattan, where Trump will face one of his most consequential legal battles to date.

Conservative Bias:

Folks, here we have yet another blatant example of the left's relentless vendetta against a man who dared to challenge the status quo. This so-called judge in New York has denied our great former President Trump's reasonable request to delay the hush money trial. It's a travesty of justice! They're t****ling on his First Amendment rights with a gag order, and they're trying to silence him because they fear the truth he speaks. It's clear as day that this is nothing but a partisan witch hunt orchestrated by liberal prosecutors who are desperate to tarnish Trump's name and meddle in the political process. They can't stand that he's the voice of the people, so they're using the courts as a weapon to take him down. This is election interference, pure and simple, and a dark day for American justice. The liberal media and the Democrat operatives in the judicial system are conspiring to destroy a patriot who has done nothing but serve his country with distinction.

Liberal Bias:

Once again, the conservative machinery is spinning out of control, trying to paint Trump as a martyr while he blatantly flouts the rule of law. This man has a history of dodging accountability, and his latest ploy to delay the hush money trial has been rightfully shot down by the courts. It's about time that someone stands up to his bullying tactics and holds him responsible for his actions. The gag order is there to ensure a fair trial, not to suppress free speech as the right-wing echo chamber claims. Trump and his cronies are crying foul because they know that the walls of justice are closing in on them. This is not a witch hunt; it's a legitimate legal proceeding to address serious allegations of corruption and abuse of power. Trump's baseless attacks on the legal system and his attempts to politicize the judiciary are the real threats to our democracy. The people demand justice, and it's high time that Trump is held to the same standards as any other citizen.|

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