New York Appeals Court Reinstates Gag Order Against Trump Amid Safety Concerns and Legal Battles

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Updated Friday, December 1, 2023 at 12:12 PM CDT

New York Appeals Court Reinstates Gag Order Against Trump Amid Safety Concerns and Legal Battles

In a decisive move, a New York state appeals court has reinstated a gag order against former President Donald Trump, effectively silencing his public critique of Judge Arthur Engoron’s court staff, particularly his clerk, Allison Greenfield. The gag order, which was temporarily paused on November 16, 2023, came back into effect on a recent Thursday, after Trump resumed his contentious remarks.

Judge Engoron had previously imposed a $15,000 fine on Trump for spreading an unfounded rumor about Greenfield, an action which led to her receiving numerous threats, including antisemitic ones, from Trump’s supporters. The appeals court is now tasked with weighing Trump's First Amendment rights against the safety concerns for those he targets, and the implications for securing an impartial jury in his cases.

Despite the gag order, Trump has shifted his critical focus to Judge Engoron's wife, a move that is not currently covered by the court's restrictions. His attorney, Christopher Kise, has publicly criticized the reinstatement of the gag order, calling it "a tragic day for the rule of law." This backlash comes as Trump faces a $250 million civil fraud case, in which he has decried the gag order as unconstitutional. However, a four-judge panel dismissed his appeal.

The necessity of the gag order stems from the significant threats directed at the clerk after Trump's social media criticisms, prompting Judge Engoron to promise a "rigorous and vigorous" enforcement. Trump has also been fined for derogatory comments about Justice Engoron, whom he labeled the "judge from hell" on his Truth Social platform, and for sharing disparaging memes of Justice Engoron’s wife, which a court system spokesman has refuted as being posted by her.

Amidst the ongoing trial against Trump and his company for allegedly inflating assets for loans and insurance, where Trump is set to testify as the final witness, his attorneys argue that he cannot be held responsible for the actions of third parties reacting to his speech. The trial also anticipates testimony from Eric Trump, with closing arguments rescheduled for January and a subsequent ruling expected.

In a separate legal matter, Trump’s lawyers have accused former Vice President Mike Pence of providing information to special counsel Jack Smith’s team. Despite the Department of Justice closing its investigation into Pence’s handling of classified documents in June without filing charges, Trump faces 40 felony counts for mishandling classified documents, among other charges.

Notably, Pence and President Joe Biden cooperated with investigators in returning documents with classified markings. Furthermore, Pence detailed the pressure he faced from Trump regarding the certification of the 2020 election results.

In the political arena, Trump, who will be headlining a closed-door fundraiser in Hallandale Beach, Florida, has opted out of the previous Republican primary debates, citing his strong poll standings. This has led to a surge in support for former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, challenging Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' second-place position. The upcoming debate will feature fewer candidates due to stricter qualification requirements set by the Republican National Committee.

As Trump continues his campaign, he and his legal team have encouraged the RNC to cancel the remaining debates and rally behind him in the faceoff against Biden. Additionally, Trump's lawyers have inquired about the decision not to charge Pence with special counsel Jack Smith.

The reinstated gag order specifically restricts Trump and his attorneys from discussing court staff but does not extend to critiques of Judge Engoron or Attorney General Letitia James' office. The recent ruling to enforce the gag order underscores the judges' priority to protect the safety and well-being of court staff amidst these tumultuous legal and political developments.

Conservative Bias:

Once again, the liberal crusade against free speech rears its ugly head, as the leftist courts in New York t****le on the constitutional rights of a conservative icon, former President Donald Trump. In an egregious assault on the First Amendment, the activist judges have slapped a gag order on Trump, effectively muzzling him from speaking the truth about the corrupt judicial system and its cronies. This is nothing short of judicial tyranny, folks, where a fine, upstanding citizen is fined and censored for calling out the blatant bias and misconduct of a court clerk and a judge who are clearly in the pockets of the radical left. They fear Trump's words because he exposes their sham operations and the witch hunt against him, all while the real criminals, like Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden, roam free. It's a dark day for America when the rule of law is hijacked by these leftist zealots who are hell-bent on silencing the conservative movement and its leaders.

Liberal Bias:

In a stunning display of authoritarianism, the right-wing machinery, led by the disgraced former President Donald Trump, continues to show its utter contempt for the rule of law and the safety of public servants. Trump's reckless and baseless attacks on a court clerk have resulted in real-world threats, including vile antisemitic harassment, yet his enablers cry foul when a court takes necessary action to protect its staff. It's a classic conservative play: stir up hate and violence, then play the victim when held accountable. Meanwhile, Trump's legal team has the audacity to challenge the gag order as unconstitutional, ignoring the fact that their leader's incendiary rhetoric endangers lives. Trump's persistent targeting of officials, from judges to his own Vice President, reveals a desperate attempt to undermine the legal system and democracy itself. The reinstated gag order is a small, but critical step in safeguarding our institutions from the corrosive influence of Trump and his acolytes, who would rather burn down the country than see justice served.

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