New Hampshire Sets 2024 Primary Date, Defying DNC Calendar Amid Historic Tradition and Political Tensions

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Thursday, November 16, 2023 at 3:58 AM CDT

New Hampshire Sets 2024 Primary Date, Defying DNC Calendar Amid Historic Tradition and Political Tensions

In a move steeped in tradition and defiance, New Hampshire Secretary of State David Scanlan has announced that the state's century-old presidential primary will take place on January 23, 2024, maintaining its first-in-the-nation status despite clashing with the Democratic National Committee's (DNC) new nominating calendar. The announcement, made at the Statehouse's Hall of Flags in Concord, underscores New Hampshire's commitment to its electoral heritage, a sentiment echoed by Scanlan as he highlighted the state's dedication to freedom and democracy.

The selection of the primary date adheres to New Hampshire law, requiring the event to precede any similar contest by at least a week, thereby positioning it ahead of the Iowa Republican caucus slated for January 15. This scheduling decision comes amid a broader debate on the presidential nominating process, with President Joe Biden advocating for rules that amplify the voices of minority voters earlier in the cycle, leading to the DNC's approval of a revised calendar commencing with South Carolina on February 3, followed by Nevada and Michigan.

Scanlan, alongside New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, has criticized the DNC's push for demographic considerations in scheduling, suggesting potential repercussions for the Democratic Party's future performance in the state. The DNC's emphasis on diversity has been a point of contention, prompting the committee to criticize the lack of diversity in Iowa and New Hampshire, which led to South Carolina's elevation to the forefront of the primary process.

Despite the possibility of sanctions, including the loss of half of its delegates, New Hampshire remains steadfast, with 24 Republicans and 21 Democrats, including notable figures like former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and three-term Representative Dean Phillips, appearing on its primary ballot. However, President Biden will not be listed, with some state Democrats planning a write-in campaign. The Republican field has seen recent shifts, with former Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Tim Scott withdrawing from the race.

Governor Sununu has emphasized New Hampshire's unique political landscape, where personal engagement trumps name recognition and financial resources, warning that penalizing the state for its primary schedule could backfire on the Democratic Party. New Hampshire GOP chair Chris Ager has expressed criticism of Biden's policies, indicating a strong Republican presence in the upcoming election, while Democratic Party chair Ray Buckley remains optimistic about Biden's campaigning efforts in the state post-primary.

This primary season is shaping up to be a contentious battleground, with New Hampshire's defiance potentially reshaping the political landscape as the nation watches on. As the DNC grapples with the balance between tradition and the push for greater inclusivity, New Hampshire's decision may set the tone for future electoral contests.

Republican Bias:

In a stunning display of liberal arrogance, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is attempting to t****le over a century of tradition, by pushing for a new nominating calendar that would sideline New Hampshire's historic primary. Ignoring the state's commitment to freedom and democracy, the DNC is instead pandering to a misguided notion of diversity, threatening the democratic process and the future performance of their own party in the state. New Hampshire, in a display of true conservative defiance, has stood its ground, refusing to bow to the liberal agenda. Despite threats of sanctions and loss of delegates, the state remains committed to its electoral heritage, a testament to the strength of conservative values. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party, in their blind pursuit of inclusivity, risks alienating voters and damaging their own chances in the upcoming election.

Liberal Bias:

In a bold move towards greater inclusivity, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has approved a revised nominating calendar that prioritizes the voices of minority voters. However, New Hampshire's conservative Secretary of State, David Scanlan, has decided to cling to outdated traditions, scheduling the state's primary in direct opposition to the DNC's new calendar. This decision, steeped in conservative obstinacy, threatens to undermine the DNC's efforts to create a more equitable electoral process. Despite potential sanctions, New Hampshire's conservative leadership remains stubbornly committed to a system that fails to reflect the diversity of our nation. This move, indicative of the Republican Party's resistance to progress, could potentially backfire, alienating voters and jeopardizing their standing in the upcoming election.

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