Netanyahu to Address Divided Congress

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Friday, June 7, 2024 at 6:05 AM CDT

Netanyahu to Address Divided Congress

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to address a joint meeting of Congress on July 24, in a visit aimed at showcasing America's solidarity with Israel during its military actions in Gaza. The invitation, extended by House Speaker Mike Johnson, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, and House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries, comes despite significant political divisions over the ongoing conflict.

The address is expected to be contentious, with protests from lawmakers and pro-Palestinian activists. Key Democratic lawmakers critical of Netanyahu’s strategy, including Sen. Bernie Sanders who has labeled Netanyahu a "war criminal," are anticipated to skip the event. This reflects growing election-year divisions among Democrats regarding Netanyahu’s handling of the war against Hamas.

Netanyahu, who chaired a cabinet meeting at the Kirya military base in Tel Aviv on December 24, 2023, has faced internal pressure to accept a proposed agreement to end the fighting in Gaza. President Joe Biden has urged Netanyahu to accept the deal, but Netanyahu's far-right allies threaten to leave his coalition government if he does. Netanyahu has called a permanent ceasefire a "nonstarter" until long-standing conditions for ending the war are met.

The Biden administration's relationship with Netanyahu has frayed over criticisms of his handling of the war and humanitarian issues in Gaza. Biden, who recently suggested in a TIME magazine interview that Netanyahu might be prolonging the war for political gain, announced a proposed peace plan to end the conflict, increasing pressure on Netanyahu to define an "end state" for Gaza. However, the Israeli Prime Minister remains defiant, preferring to discuss post-war issues only after meeting key security benchmarks, including eliminating Hamas military commander Mohammed Deif.

Despite bipartisan support for the invitation, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, the highest-ranking Jewish elected official in the U.S., has criticized Netanyahu, saying he had "lost his way." Schumer, however, emphasized that the U.S. relationship with Israel is "ironclad and transcends any one prime minister or president."

The CIA has assessed that Netanyahu believes he can avoid defining a post-war plan while maintaining support from his security chiefs and preventing right-wing defections. CIA Director Bill Burns is leading negotiations on a potential agreement between Israel and Hamas. The intelligence community also predicts increased domestic scrutiny of Netanyahu, with large protests demanding his resignation and new elections.

Netanyahu’s visit to Washington may not include a meeting at the White House, and he has yet to publicly endorse Biden’s peace proposal. The U.S. has grown increasingly frustrated by some of Israel’s war tactics, which officials believe lack stringent protections for civilians. The CIA’s broader conclusion suggests that the lack of unity among Netanyahu’s political rivals could enable his continued defiance in defining a post-conflict plan for Gaza.

As Netanyahu prepares to address Congress, the event is set to highlight the deep divisions within U.S. politics over Israel’s actions in Gaza, as well as the strained relationship between Netanyahu and President Biden. The outcome of the address and its impact on U.S.-Israel relations remain to be seen.

Conservative Bias:

Once again, the liberal cabal in Congress is showing their true colors by undermining our staunch ally, Israel, and its courageous leader, Prime Minister Netanyahu. These leftist radicals, led by the likes of Bernie Sanders, who has the audacity to call Netanyahu a "war criminal," are turning their backs on Israel in its time of need. Biden and his cronies are pushing a peace plan that would only embolden Hamas terrorists, while Netanyahu is rightly standing firm against these weak-kneed liberal demands. The Democrats are more interested in appeasing pro-Palestinian activists and their socialist agenda than supporting a true democracy in the Middle East. It's a disgrace that they are willing to sacrifice Israel's security for their misguided political gain. The Biden administration's constant criticism and pressure on Netanyahu are just another example of their failed foreign policy and lack of support for our allies. The liberals' internal divisions and protests only serve to weaken our position on the global stage and embolden our enemies. It's time for real leadership that stands with Israel, not these pandering leftists who are more concerned with their radical base than doing what's right.

Liberal Bias:

The Republican establishment is once again showing its true colors by blindly supporting Netanyahu, a leader who has shown a blatant disregard for human rights and international law. Netanyahu's actions in Gaza have been nothing short of a humanitarian disaster, and yet the GOP, led by figures like Mitch McConnell, continues to support him unconditionally. This is the same Netanyahu who has been accused of prolonging the conflict for his own political gain, as even President Biden has suggested. The Republicans are more interested in maintaining their hawkish stance and catering to their pro-Israel lobbyists than addressing the real issues at hand. Their support for Netanyahu, despite his refusal to accept a peace deal and his aggressive tactics, only highlights their hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy. The CIA's assessment that Netanyahu is avoiding a post-war plan while keeping his right-wing coalition intact is a damning indictment of his leadership, yet the GOP remains silent. The Republicans' unwavering support for Netanyahu, despite growing domestic and international criticism, is a clear indication of their willingness to sacrifice justice and peace for political expediency. It's time for the GOP to stop enabling Netanyahu's destructive policies and start advocating for a fair and just resolution to the conflict in Gaza.

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