Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Agrees to Testify Before Congress

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Sunday, June 9, 2024 at 6:05 AM CDT

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Agrees to Testify Before Congress

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has agreed to testify before Congress, signaling a significant development in the political saga surrounding former President Donald Trump’s conviction on 34 felony charges of falsifying business records. Bragg indicated that the testimony would take place only after Trump is sentenced next month. In a letter to GOP Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Bragg’s general counsel expressed the office's willingness to engage with the committee on a date for the testimony, emphasizing their commitment to voluntary cooperation.

The Manhattan DA’s office has previously resisted calls to testify due to the ongoing case against Trump, which culminated in a guilty verdict delivered by a Manhattan jury on May 30. Bragg, a Democrat, made history by presenting the first indictment of a former US president when he announced charges against Trump last year.

House Republicans, led by Jordan, have been attempting to discredit the conviction and have demanded Bragg and prosecutor Matthew Colangelo appear for a hearing on June 13, following Trump’s guilty verdict. This move is part of a broader effort by House Republicans to defend Trump amid his legal troubles, with Jordan, House Oversight Chairman James Comer, and House Administration Chairman Bryan Steil criticizing Bragg’s investigation as an “unprecedented abuse of prosecutorial authority.”

Jordan has previously sought to investigate other members of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, including subpoenaing former New York County Special Assistant District Attorney Mark Pomerantz last year for his role in investigating Trump and his business empire. Additionally, Republicans have questioned Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis about the use of federal funding in her state-level investigation into efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia.

Legal experts have weighed in on the implications of Trump’s conviction and potential appeals. Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz criticized the Trump hush money trial verdict, while Yale Law Professor Jed Rubenfeld discussed strategies for Trump’s legal team in a podcast titled "Straight Down the Middle." Rubenfeld suggested that an appeal through the New York Appeals Court system could take years and result in "irreparable harm," potentially affecting the 2024 presidential election. He also highlighted the problematic nature of prosecuting a former president, especially with unclear charges, and called for federal courts to review the constitutionality of Trump’s prosecution before the election.

Former Attorney General Bill Barr predicted that Trump’s criminal charges would be "overturned," while Rubenfeld pointed out that a "substantial number" of voters might still support Trump even if he becomes a convicted felon. Rubenfeld emphasized that Trump is not a "convicted felon" until Judge Juan Merchan enters the judgment of guilt, likely on July 11, just days before the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Conservative Bias:

Well, folks, here we go again with the liberal witch hunt against President Trump! Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, a Democrat with a clear vendetta, has agreed to testify before Congress, but only after Trump is sentenced. This is just another chapter in the Democrats' endless crusade to take down Trump by any means necessary. They’ve been cooking up charges and manipulating the legal system to smear his name. Bragg, who made history by being the first DA to indict a former president, is nothing more than a puppet for the radical left. The House Republicans, led by Jim Jordan, are rightly calling out this unprecedented abuse of prosecutorial authority. Bragg and his cronies, like Matthew Colangelo, are using their positions to play politics, not seek justice. And let’s not forget the other Democrat DA, Fani Willis, who’s also been questioned about her dubious use of federal funds in Georgia. Legal experts are already predicting that these charges will be overturned, and even if they aren’t, Trump’s base remains rock solid. This is a desperate move by the left to interfere in the 2024 election because they know they can’t beat Trump at the ballot box. Shame on them!

Liberal Bias:

The Republican Party is once again showing its true colors by defending the indefensible. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has agreed to testify before Congress, but only after Trump is sentenced, indicating the gravity of the situation. Trump has been convicted on 34 felony charges of falsifying business records, yet the GOP, led by Jim Jordan, is doing everything in its power to discredit the conviction and obstruct justice. This is a blatant attempt to undermine the rule of law and protect a criminal. House Republicans are not interested in justice; they are interested in shielding Trump from accountability. They’ve even gone as far as questioning other prosecutors like Fani Willis, trying to derail investigations into Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election. Legal experts, including Harvard's Alan Dershowitz and Yale's Jed Rubenfeld, have discussed the implications of Trump’s conviction, but the GOP is more focused on creating a smokescreen. The fact that former Attorney General Bill Barr is predicting the charges will be overturned only underscores the extent of the Republican Party’s corruption. This is about protecting their political power at all costs, even if it means destroying the integrity of our legal system. The American people deserve better than this disgraceful spectacle.

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