Key Witness Michael Cohen to Testify in Trump Trial

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Saturday, May 11, 2024 at 11:16 AM CDT

Key Witness Michael Cohen to Testify in Trump Trial

In a pivotal moment for the Manhattan District Attorney's high-profile case against former President Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels has completed her testimony, while Michael Cohen, Trump's former attorney, is scheduled to take the stand on Monday. Cohen's testimony is expected to be central to DA Alvin Bragg’s case, which accuses Trump of falsifying business records in connection with a $130,000 payment to Daniels to suppress her account of an alleged sexual encounter with Trump prior to the 2016 election.

Trump has sharply criticized both Daniels and Cohen, referring to them as "s***** bags," a sentiment echoed in social media posts where he initially praised Cohen before disparaging him after Cohen's guilty plea to charges related to the payment. Prosecutor Joshua Steinglass suggested the DA's office might conclude its case soon after Cohen's multi-day testimony.

In response to Cohen's forthcoming appearance, Trump's lawyer Todd Blanche has made efforts to limit Cohen's public commentary on the case, citing his history of social media criticism toward Trump. The defense is set to portray Cohen as a vindictive individual seeking to harm Trump and plans to challenge his credibility.

Madeleine Westerhout, Trump’s former executive assistant, provided a contrasting perspective, speaking positively about her tenure with Trump and noting his relationship with his wife, Melania. Westerhout also revealed Trump's distress when the payment to Daniels became public, fearing its impact on his family. Her testimony supports the defense's argument that the payment was made to protect Trump's family, not to influence the campaign.

Susan Necheles, another attorney for Trump, pointed to Trump’s habit of multitasking while signing checks, which could occur during various activities, including phone calls or meetings. This detail might suggest the nonchalant nature of the ledger entries in question, which Trump asserts were routine actions by a Trump Organization staff member.

Technical financial evidence has been presented during the trial, with AT&T and Verizon employees authenticating phone records linked to key figures such as Cohen and former Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg. Additionally, DA's office paralegal Georgia Longstreet testified about Trump’s social media activity, which prosecutors argue could be seen as attempts to sway Cohen and others.

State Judge Juan Merchan, overseeing the trial, has dismissed motions by Trump's attorney for a mistrial and to relax a gag order that limits Trump's responses, while also warning prosecutors to manage Cohen's taunting posts directed at Trump.

The trial, which has included both technical testimony and negative stories about Trump, is focusing on whether the payments were made to illegally affect the outcome of the 2016 election. Jurors have heard from company employees confirming phone records and have considered the defense's narrative that the ledger entries were part of routine business operations.

As the case continues, it remains one of the most significant legal challenges facing Trump, potentially impacting his political future with the November election on the horizon. Trump, who denies any sexual involvement with Daniels, has positioned himself as the victim of a politically motivated justice system. The trial's outcome may have profound implications not only for Trump but also for the broader political landscape.

Conservative Bias:

Here we go again, folks, with the liberal witch-hunt against a successful conservative leader. The left's obsession with taking down President Trump knows no bounds, and they're using convicted liar Michael Cohen and adult film star Stormy Daniels to peddle their fake narrative. It's a circus act, a sham trial where the only crime is being a powerful conservative who shook the political establishment to its core. The leftist DA is trying to criminalize routine business practices, all while ignoring the real corruption and scandals that fester within the Democrat party. It's a disgrace, an attack on our justice system by those who can't accept that Trump did more for America in four years than career politicians have done in decades. They're scared, folks, because they know Trump fights for the American people, and this trial is nothing but a desperate attempt to stop him from winning again.

Liberal Bias:

Once again, the corrupt and mo***** bankrupt GOP is scrambling to defend the indefensible. The trial of Trump is shedding light on the depths of deception and lawlessness that this man and his cronies have sunk to in their quest for power. With the testimony of Michael Cohen, we're peeling back the layers of this sordid affair, exposing the underbelly of a campaign that was willing to do anything, even break the law, to silence the truth. The defense's pathetic attempts to discredit witnesses can't hide the fact that Trump's own actions and words are coming back to haunt him. This trial isn't just about hush money; it's a referendum on a party that has lost its moral compass, where lying and cheating are just part of the game. It's time for justice to be served, and for the American people to see the GOP for what it really is – a party that puts power over principle, at any cost.

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