Justice Department Urges Supreme Court to Block Texas Border Actions

Harper Quill

Updated Saturday, January 13, 2024 at 12:19 PM CDT

Justice Department Urges Supreme Court to Block Texas Border Actions

In a significant move, the Justice Department has called on the Supreme Court to intervene in a standoff that sees Texas thwarting federal border enforcement efforts near Eagle Pass, a critical segment of the U.S.-Mexico border. Texas authorities, under Governor Greg Abbott's Operation Lone Star, have fenced off a sizable tract of public land in Shelby Park, effectively barring Border Patrol agents from accessing a key surveillance vantage point. This action has severely hampered the Border Patrol's operational capabilities.

The conflict has escalated as Texas National Guard members and vehicles, including military Humvees, block access roads to the Rio Grande, a traditional federal jurisdiction. Governor Abbott, asserting state authority, has implemented aggressive border control measures, including the installation of razor wire and buoys, and authorizing police to detain migrants.

Amidst a broader clash with the Biden administration over a surge in illegal border crossings since 2021, Texas has actively transported around 100,000 migrants to northern cities. The Texas Military Department's continued presence in Shelby Park since 2021, along with temporary barriers, has been a deterrent to illegal crossings, according to state officials.

Governor Abbott's authorization of razor wire and floating buoys in the Rio Grande has led to a legal battle with the Biden administration, with White House spokesperson Angelo Fernandez Hernandez criticizing the state's actions as reckless and politically motivated. The administration's petition to the Supreme Court aims to allow Border Patrol to remove the wire fencing erected by Texas.

As the Supreme Court deliberates on overturning a lower court's ruling that protects Texas' border fencing, migrant arrests have decreased, but officials warn of potential seasonal spikes. Governor Abbott's recent controversial comments, made during a response to a New York City lawsuit, have drawn criticism from both sides of the border.

The Texas Department of Public Safety's decision to close public access to Shelby Park has impacted Border Patrol's operations, including migrant processing. The Justice Department's emergency request to the Supreme Court was prompted by agents losing access to a 2.5-mile stretch due to the state's concertina wire installations.

Interestingly, the National Border Patrol Council has shown support for Texas's efforts, stating that it helps agents focus on areas with higher evasion attempts. However, Texas's actions have not been without contention. A pecan farm takeover disrupted a lease with Border Patrol, and state troopers have faced accusations of denying migrants essential services.

With Texas National Guard adding new wire and fencing, the tug-of-war between state and federal authorities continues to unfold, complicating Border Patrol's mission. Associated Press journalist Acacia Coronado's reporting from Eagle Pass has shed light on the escalating dispute, underscoring the complexity of immigration enforcement and the balance of power at the border.

Conservative Bias:

Folks, what we're witnessing here is nothing short of the heroic defense of our nation's borders by the great state of Texas. Governor Abbott is standing up to the tidal wave of lawlessness unleashed by the Biden administration's open-border policies. The so-called Justice Department is desperately trying to handcuff our brave Texas authorities, who are the only thing standing between us and total chaos at the border. They're erecting barriers, not just against illegal immigration, but against the federal government's abject failure to protect American citizens. Texas is taking action where Washington D.C. is derelict in its duty, and now these leftist bureaucrats want to strip away the state's sovereign right to defend its own territory. It's an outrage, and a clear example of federal overreach into the affairs of a state that's doing the job the feds won't.

Liberal Bias:

Once again, the authoritarian regime in Texas is undermining the rule of law and the Constitution, t****ling over federal jurisdiction with its rogue operation. Governor Abbott's so-called 'Operation Lone Star' is a reckless power grab, a political stunt that's jeopardizing the safety and effectiveness of our Border Patrol agents. The Justice Department is rightly standing up to this dangerous usurpation of power. This is a clear-cut case of a state government gone rogue, endangering lives and creating a humanitarian crisis for political points. It's a direct assault on the Biden administration's efforts to manage immigration in a humane and orderly way, and the Supreme Court must act to restore sanity and federal authority at the border. Texas is not only violating the rights of migrants but is also infringing on the federal government's constitutional mandate to manage border security.

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