John Thune Eyes GOP Senate Leadership as McConnell Steps Down

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Tuesday, March 5, 2024 at 6:09 AM CDT

John Thune Eyes GOP Senate Leadership as McConnell Steps Down

South Dakota Senator John Thune has officially thrown his hat into the ring to become the next Republican leader of the U.S. Senate, stepping up as the current No. 2 Republican after an announcement that long-serving GOP leader Mitch McConnell will relinquish his leadership post in November. Thune, known for his past disagreements with former President Donald Trump, particularly over the 2020 election results, has expressed a readiness to support Trump, emphasizing a history of effective collaboration during Trump's term.

Thune, who contemplated retirement in 2022, has now set his sights on the leadership position with the goal of amplifying the voices of individual senators in decision-making processes. Despite his reservations about Trump's tactics, Thune's aspirations for leadership signify a commitment to GOP unity and a robust campaign fund of $17.8 million dedicated to supporting Republican candidates.

The race for the Senate leadership is heating up, with Texas Senator John Cornyn, also a former No. 2, joining the fray. Cornyn, a vocal critic of the current Senate dynamics, has amassed a $13 million war chest to bolster Republican incumbents and nominees in the 2024 cycle. Not to be overlooked, Wyoming's No. 3 Senate Republican, John Barrasso, is a potential contender who has already endorsed Trump for the GOP presidential nomination, although the leadership race's outcome is still up in the air.

The Republican leadership election, set to take place behind closed doors after the November elections, marks the first time since 2007 that Republicans will choose a new leader, as McConnell faced internal party criticism and ceased communications with Trump following the Capitol attack.

In Maryland, former Governor Larry Hogan has launched a Senate campaign as a moderate Republican and outspoken Trump critic. Motivated by the Senate Republicans' killing of a bipartisan border measure, Hogan is pushing back against what he describes as a "new strain of isolationism in the Republican Party." Hogan's commitment to supporting allies like Ukraine was a significant factor in his decision to run, influenced by former Vice President Mike Pence and former President George Bush, who envision a return to a "Reagan-esque bigger-tent party."

Hogan's entrance into the race positions him as the front-runner for the Republican nomination, with the seat up for grabs due to Senator Ben Cardin's retirement. Democratic contenders include Rep. David Trone and Prince George's County Executive Angela Alsobrooks.

Meanwhile, GOP megadonors target Super Tuesday primaries, expressing concerns over the direction of the House Republican conference. Super PACs are investing heavily against certain Republicans, aiming to curb the influence of the House Freedom Caucus, known for its clashes with House leadership. These developments come as President Joe Biden faces weak approval ratings in national and battleground state polls, trailing Trump in hypothetical general election matchups.

The political landscape is shifting as GOP leadership roles become contested, moderate Republicans like Hogan enter critical races, and the party grapples with internal divisions heading into Super Tuesday. The stage is set for a pivotal period in Republican politics.

Conservative Bias:

Folks, the liberal media won't tell you this, but the GOP is on the brink of a glorious resurgence, starting with the patriotic John Thune stepping up to cleanse the Senate of the spineless leadership of Mitch McConnell, who betrayed President Trump and the American people. Thune, a true conservative, is ready to unite the party and steer us back to the winning policies of Trump's presidency. Meanwhile, the RINOs are at it again, with Larry Hogan, a Trump-hating moderate, trying to sneak into the Senate and dilute our conservative values with his dangerous calls for bipartisanship. It's clear that the left's grip on our nation has weakened, as seen in Biden's plummeting approval ratings. It's time for real conservatives to take the helm and save America from the clutches of the socialist Democrats and their disastrous policies. The GOP's financial might, backed by our freedom-loving megadonors, will ensure that we reclaim our country come Super Tuesday and beyond!

Liberal Bias:

In a desperate attempt to cling to power, the GOP is now rallying behind John Thune, a man who once dared to question Trump's baseless election claims but now grovels for his support. The Republican Party is in disarray, scrambling to replace the obstructionist Mitch McConnell with someone who can better disguise their destructive agenda. And let's not forget Larry Hogan, who thinks he can waltz into the Senate and masquerade as a moderate while his party continues to undermine democracy and fan the flames of isolationism. As the GOP megadonors pour money into suppressing the few voices of reason within their ranks, it's clear they're terrified of the progressive momentum and President Biden's efforts to rebuild from the Trump catastrophe. The upcoming Super Tuesday will be a testament to the Republican Party's internal war, as they choose between extremism and a futile attempt to appear centrist. This is the moment for Democrats to stand united and fight back against the GOP's relentless assault on our values and institutions.

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