Joe Biden Faces Internal and External Pressure Amid Debate Fallout

Grayson Larkspur

Updated Tuesday, July 2, 2024 at 6:04 AM CDT

Joe Biden Faces Internal and External Pressure Amid Debate Fallout

President Joe Biden, currently facing questions over his political future after a poor debate performance against Donald Trump, is no stranger to controversy. Back in 1987, Biden’s first presidential campaign was derailed by a plagiarism scandal, leading his adviser Ted Kaufman to recommend withdrawing from the race. Fast forward to 2015, and Mike Donilon, another longtime confidant, advised Biden against running for the White House. Now, in 2024, Biden’s family and top advisers are at odds over his campaign strategy.

Following a lackluster debate, Biden’s family, including his wife Jill Biden and son Hunter Biden, criticized his top advisers at Camp David, urging changes. The debate strategy, endorsed by campaign chair Jen O’Malley Dillon and Anita Dunn, has come under fire from key Democratic figures. John Morgan, a major Democratic donor, criticized the debate format and called for the removal of Dunn and her husband, Bob Bauer.

Despite this, Biden’s advisory team, which includes Donilon, Kaufman, Ron Klain, and Dunn, remains intact. The Biden campaign has dismissed any notion of a staff shake-up, despite growing frustration within the Democratic party over Biden’s perceived isolation and lack of personal outreach. Biden has yet to personally reach out to top Democratic leaders like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer or House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, instead delegating those calls to White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients.

Internal and external pressures are mounting for Biden to reconsider his campaign. Some Democratic lawmakers believe he should drop out to avoid a potential catastrophic event, while others are waiting for House swing district polls to decide their stance. Rep. Annie Kuster, chairwoman of the New Democrat Coalition, expressed frustration with the debate's handling and concern for Biden’s well-being.

Biden, however, remains defiant. He delivered a forceful speech in North Carolina the day after the debate, pledging to continue his campaign. In an email to supporters, O’Malley Dillon claimed internal polls showed no change in voter opinions in battleground states post-debate. Biden allies and family members argue against nominating a replacement so late in the campaign.

While some Democratic strategists like Kurt Bardella suggest the campaign needs to demonstrate that the debate performance was a fluke, party strategist Simon Rosenberg emphasized the need to address why the debate went poorly and develop a new strategy. Patrick Gaspard, president of the Center for American Progress thinktank, urged the campaign to expand its circle of support and trust.

In the end, Biden acknowledged at a campaign rally that he doesn’t debate as well as he used to but plans to win in November. Allies like Rep. Ro Khanna and Rep. Jamie Raskin stand by him, citing respect for his resilience and grit. However, serious conversations continue within the Democratic Party about Biden’s political future, highlighting a critical juncture for his campaign as he faces both internal and external challenges.

Conservative Bias:

Well, well, well, here we go again with the liberals in disarray! President Joe Biden is stumbling and bumbling his way through another campaign, and it's no surprise given his history of scandals and poor decision-making. Back in 1987, his first presidential run was derailed by a plagiarism scandal, and now he's facing the same old song and dance with his advisers at each other's throats. His family, including Jill and Hunter Biden, are up in arms, criticizing his top advisers for their disastrous debate strategy. And let's not forget the major Democratic donor John Morgan, who's calling for heads to roll. The Democrats are a mess, with internal squabbles and a complete lack of leadership. Biden's refusal to personally engage with top Democratic leaders like Schumer and Jeffries shows just how out of touch he is. It's clear that the Democrats are in panic mode, with some even suggesting Biden should drop out to avoid a catastrophe. But Biden, in his typical defiant yet clueless manner, insists on pushing forward, despite the growing frustration within his own party. The Democrats are stuck with a weak candidate and a chaotic campaign, and it's only a matter of time before it all comes crashing down.

Liberal Bias:

Once again, the Republicans are salivating at the prospect of exploiting internal Democratic debates to distract from their own failures and corruption. President Joe Biden, a seasoned leader with a history of overcoming adversity, is facing unfair criticism from within his own party after a single debate performance. The GOP and their wealthy donors like John Morgan are seizing this moment to sow discord, calling for the removal of key advisers like Anita Dunn and Bob Bauer. This is nothing more than a strategic hit job to weaken a president who has consistently fought for the American people. Biden's family, including Jill and Hunter, are rightfully concerned about the campaign strategy, but this is a natural part of any robust political campaign. The real story here is the Republicans' desperate attempts to exploit these internal discussions to deflect from their own lack of policy and vision. Biden's refusal to bow to pressure and his commitment to continue fighting for his campaign is a testament to his resilience and dedication. Unlike the GOP, which thrives on division and chaos, Biden is focused on unity and progress. The Democrats may have their debates, but they are nothing compared to the GOP's complete abandonment of principles and ethics.

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