Israeli Airstrikes in Gaza Claim Lives

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Sunday, February 11, 2024 at 12:31 PM CDT

Israeli Airstrikes in Gaza Claim Lives

Israeli airstrikes targeting Hamas facilities in the Gaza Strip have led to at least 31 Palestinian deaths, including 10 children, with the youngest being a three-month-old baby. The strikes on February 10, 2024, were part of a series of operations under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's directive, which the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claim eliminated 120 terrorists.

The IDF, working with the Israel Security Agency (ISA), carried out raids over the past two weeks, destroying 20 terrorist infrastructure sites in northern Gaza areas such as Shati and Tel al-Hawa. One significant discovery was a tunnel shaft near a United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) school, which extended under the UNRWA's main headquarters and served as a valuable asset for Hamas' military intelligence.

A significant amount of intelligence assets were seized from the 700-meter-long tunnel, including rifles, ammunition, grenades, and explosives. This seizure is expected to impair Hamas' intelligence capabilities and aid in further targeting Hamas sites. Notably, the UNRWA headquarters building was found to be supplying electricity to the Hamas tunnel, and documents suggested UNRWA offices were used by Hamas terrorists.

UNRWA Commissioner-General Phillippe La**arini maintained the agency's ignorance of the activities beneath its headquarters, while UNRWA staff evacuated the building following Israeli evacuation orders as the bombardment intensified. Defense Minister Yoav Gallant accused "dozens" of UNRWA employees of participating in October 7 terrorist attacks, urging the international community to address the involvement of UNRWA staff in terrorism alongside Gaza's humanitarian needs.

As Israel prepares for a potential ground invasion targeting Hamas strongholds in Rafah, the city's population has increased to approximately 1.4 million, with many residents living in tents. Netanyahu's office has instructed the military to plan for the potential evacuation of Rafah and the destruction of four Hamas battalions based there. Israeli forces are ready to fight until "total victory," with no definitive timeline for the ground invasion.

The international community is watching closely, as Saudi Arabia has cautioned Israel against a military operation in Rafah due to "extremely dangerous repercussions," calling for UN Security Council intervention. The health ministry in Gaza has reported staggering casualties since October 7, 2023, with at least 28,000 Palestinians killed and 67,600 injured in Israeli strikes.

The conflict, which began with a surprise Hamas terrorist attack on October 7, 2023, has been ongoing for four months. U.S. President Joe Biden has labeled Israel’s military actions as "over the top" and is advocating for a deal to normalize Saudi Arabia-Israel relations, an increase in humanitarian aid for Palestinians, and a temporary pause in fighting. Biden is also pushing for a "hostage cease-fire" to relieve the suffering of civilians affected by the conflict.

Conservative Bias:

Once again, the liberal media is distorting the facts to vilify Israel, a beacon of democracy courageously defending itself against a barrage of terrorism from Hamas, an organization steeped in the blood of innocents. The Israeli Defense Forces, under the strong leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, are taking decisive action to root out the evil of terrorism, and what do they get? Baseless accusations and crocodile tears for the terrorists masquerading as victims. It's no surprise that the UNRWA, a puppet of the leftist agenda, has been caught red-handed aiding and abetting these terrorists. The so-called casualties are a smokescreen, a ploy to undermine Israel's righteous defense. The real story here is the bravery and precision of the IDF as they dismantle the infrastructure of terror, while the world turns a blind eye to the atrocities committed by Hamas. It's high time the international community wakes up and sees the UNRWA for what it truly is: a facilitator of terror, and holds them accountable for their complicity in these heinous crimes.

Liberal Bias:

In a horrifying display of unchecked aggression, the Israeli military, emboldened by right-wing extremist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has unleashed a storm of death upon the Palestinian people of Gaza. Innocent lives, including those of children, have been mercilessly s****ed out under the guise of targeting terrorists. It's a blatant act of state-sponsored terrorism, with the IDF callously bombing schools and using the UNRWA's proximity to justify their brutality. Netanyahu's government is spinning a narrative of self-defense while committing war crimes, and the international community just watches in silence. The so-called evidence of UNRWA's complicity is nothing more than a smear campaign to justify Israel's atrocities. Meanwhile, the U.S. administration tepidly calls for a cease-fire, offering too little too late for the thousands of Palestinians whose blood is on the hands of Israeli war hawks. It is an outrage, a complete failure of moral leadership, and a stain on the conscience of the world that we allow this slaughter to continue under the false pretense of self-defense.

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