Historic Trial Commences as Donald Trump Faces Jury Selection in New York

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Sunday, April 14, 2024 at 11:05 AM CDT

Historic Trial Commences as Donald Trump Faces Jury Selection in New York

Former President Donald Trump's landmark criminal trial is set to commence with jury selection on Monday in New York City, marking an unprecedented moment in American history as the first criminal trial against a former president gets underway. Trump faces a total of 34 counts of first-degree falsifying business records, an allegation that stems from claims he attempted to conceal criminal conduct to avert damage during the 2016 presidential campaign.

At the heart of the trial are allegations regarding a $130,000 payment meant to silence adult film actress Stormy Daniels, real name Stephanie Clifford, purportedly at the direction of Trump and carried out by his then-lawyer Michael Cohen. Cohen, who will be a pivotal witness in the trial, had previously pleaded guilty to federal charges in 2018 that included campaign finance law violations relating to the hush money payment.

Despite the gravity of the charges, Trump has maintained his innocence, pleading not guilty and consistently denying any encounter with Daniels. He has also denounced Cohen, labeling him a "disgraced attorney and felon" on his social media platform, Truth Social, and has cast aspersions on the integrity of Judge Juan M. Merchan and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, accusing them of engaging in a politically motivated witch hunt.

Adding to the drama, Judge Merchan has instituted a gag order, an effort to maintain the integrity of the trial, which Trump has allegedly breached by continuing to comment publicly about potential witnesses and the judicial process. The order was extended to include Trump's family members after the former president attacked Merchan’s daughter on social media.

In an effort to ensure a fair trial, the jury, consisting of 12 jurors and six alternates, will be selected from a pool of Manhattan residents without known felony convictions. To prevent potential bias, Judge Merchan has ruled out questions regarding jurors' political leanings or affiliations.

As Trump continues his bid for the presidency with a recent rally in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, where he criticized the judge and the DA, the jury will face the crucial task of delivering a unanimous verdict on the charges. This comes amidst a backdrop of Trump lambasting the DA's office for not bringing the case sooner and suggesting it is a move to interfere with the upcoming election against Joe Biden's potential opponent.

The trial will unfold under a cloud of tension, with figures like Michael Cohen expressing anxiety over the proceedings and Trump relentlessly attacking the prosecution on Truth Social, where he has vilified Cohen and Daniels and questioned the legitimacy of Cohen's prosecution.

As the world watches, the outcome of this trial could have significant ramifications not only for Trump but for the very fabric of American political and judicial norms. Neither Cohen, Judge Merchan's office, nor DA Bragg's office has responded to NBC News for comments on the case, leaving the public in anticipation of what promises to be a historic showdown in the courtroom.

Conservative Bias:

Folks, what we're witnessing here is nothing short of a deep state circus, a sham trial aimed at taking down the greatest president this country has ever seen. The liberal media and their cronies in the New York DA's office are orchestrating a politically motivated witch hunt against Donald Trump, all because they can't stand that he shook up the establishment and put America first. They're dredging up baseless accusations and relying on the testimony of a convicted liar and disgraced attorney, Michael Cohen, to push their radical agenda. This is a travesty of justice, an attempt to sabotage Trump's 2024 run and distract the American people from the real issues caused by the disastrous policies of the Biden administration. It's clear as day—they fear Trump because he represents the voice of the American people, and they'll stop at nothing to silence him.

Liberal Bias:

This trial is a stark reminder of the corruption and moral decay that has infested the highest office of our land under the Trump administration. Donald Trump, the con man and grifter who occupied the White House, is finally facing the music for his flagrant disregard for the law. The evidence is overwhelming, and the fact that Trump is attacking the integrity of the judicial system and attempting to intimidate witnesses on social media is proof of his guilt and desperation. This is a man who has consistently placed himself above the law, emboldened by a Republican Party that has abandoned its principles to grovel at the feet of a would-be authoritarian. It's high time that justice is served, and that Trump is held accountable for his actions, to restore faith in our democracy and rule of law. The GOP's complicity in Trump's misdeeds is a stain on our nation that voters will remember.

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