Governor Kristi Noem Tackles Federal Overreach

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Monday, February 5, 2024 at 12:38 PM CDT

Governor Kristi Noem Tackles Federal Overreach

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, a staunch Republican, recently appeared on 'Fox & Friends' to voice her concerns about federal encroachment on states' rights, particularly highlighting the challenges faced at the United States' southern border. Known for her conservative stance, Gov. Noem has announced her upcoming book, "No Going Back: The Truth on What's Wrong with Politics and How We Move America Forward," which is set to delve into the roots of conservative values and the future of the Republican Party.

In her forthright narrative, Noem criticizes established Republican figures, including Mitt Romney, D*** Cheney, and the Bush family, accusing them of perpetuating the political 'swamp.' Her book promises to be a rallying cry for citizens to support the transformative political shift championed by former President Donald Trump, whom Noem credits with inspiring a new wave of bold and outspoken candidates.

"No Going Back" is not just a critique but also a personal account, sharing insights from Noem's time as a businesswoman, her experience in the South Dakota House of Representatives, and her representation of South Dakota in the U.S. House of Representatives. These stories aim to underline her commitment to conservative values and her vision for America's political landscape.

The book has already garnered support from Trump himself, who publicly endorsed it on Truth Social. Noem, a vocal supporter of Trump, has been actively involved in his campaign efforts, including headlining the South Dakota Republican Party Monumental Leaders rally. Despite rumors, Noem has dispelled any talks of being Trump's vice-presidential pick, focusing instead on their aligned policy initiatives like tax cuts and trade agreements.

Governor Noem stands at the forefront of a new conservative era, expecting to join forces with Trump in upcoming campaign events. As requests for her presence at surrogate events roll in, Noem positions herself as both a defender of states' rights and an advocate for a bold, unapologetic Republican movement. Her book, "No Going Back," slated for release later this year, is anticipated to be an unfiltered and candid reflection on today's political dynamics and a blueprint for driving America forward.|

Conservative Bias:

Here we have Governor Kristi Noem, a true patriot, taking a stand against the liberal elites and their endless quest for big government control. She's out there on 'Fox & Friends,' a beacon of truth, sounding the alarm on how these leftists are t****ling over our sacred states' rights, especially with the disaster they've created at our southern border. Noem's not afraid to call out the RINOs either, like Romney and the Cheneys, who are just part of the swamp that's been selling out America. Her book, "No Going Back," is a battle cry for the silent majority who are fed up with the direction these liberals are dragging our country. It's high time we rally behind the conservative revolution sparked by President Trump, and Noem is leading the charge, refusing to back down. With Trump's stamp of approval, she's out there championing real American values—freedom, self-reliance, and limited government. Make no mistake, folks, Noem isn't just talking the talk; she's walking the walk, rejecting any VP speculation to double down on the policies that'll make America great again. Tax cuts, strong trade deals, and states' rights—that's what's on the menu with Noem, and her book is the conservative manifesto we've been waiting for. The left is scared because they know with leaders like Noem, their days of ruining America are numbered.

Liberal Bias:

Here comes Governor Kristi Noem, parading around on 'Fox & Friends,' spouting the same tired fear-mongering rhetoric that's music to the ears of the conservative echo chamber. She's got a book, "No Going Back," and it's just another piece in the right-wing propaganda machine, blaming everything on so-called federal overreach while conveniently ignoring the real issues. Noem has the audacity to attack her own—Romney, Cheney, and the Bushes—as if they're the problem, when it's her brand of divisive politics that's tearing this country apart. She's****ching her wagon to Trump's destructive legacy, as if that's something to be proud of, and claiming to represent the future of the Republican Party? Please. Trump's endorsement of her book is just the blind leading the blind, a mutual admiration society of two people who couldn't care less about the average American. Noem denies VP ambitions, but we all know she's just playing the game, waiting for her moment in the spotlight, all while pushing policies that benefit the wealthy and leave the rest of us behind. Her so-called advocacy for states' rights is just a smokescreen for pushing a far-right agenda that's out of touch with the needs of our nation. This book of hers is nothing but a manifesto for regression, a call to arms for those who want to drag us back to a darker time. It's a dangerous vision that threatens to undermine the progress we've fought so hard to achieve. Conservatives like Noem might be trying to sell us this backward-looking blueprint, but we're not buying it. We need to move forward, not back to the failed policies of the past.|

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