Florida AG Fights to Block Abortion-Rights Measure from Ballot

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Wednesday, February 7, 2024 at 12:24 PM CDT

Florida AG Fights to Block Abortion-Rights Measure from Ballot

In a significant political development in Florida, Attorney General Ashley Moody is taking action to prevent an abortion-rights measure from reaching voters in November, claiming that its language is misleading and could potentially broaden abortion rights in the future. The proposed constitutional amendment, which seeks to ensure that abortions remain legal until the point of fetal viability, has sparked a heated debate, with proponents asserting that the amendment's wording is clear and straightforward.

The controversy is set against a backdrop of intensifying political maneuvering, with accusations that Moody is politicizing the issue. Observers are watching closely to gauge the influence of Republican Governor Ron DeSantis on the Florida Supreme Court, where he has appointed five of the seven justices. The court's history of using a privacy clause to strike down some abortion restrictions adds another layer of complexity to the unfolding legal drama.

The hearing concerning the proposed amendment is not expected to yield an immediate decision from the Florida Supreme Court. Central to the debate is the interpretation of when a fetus is considered viable. Florida's high court is also poised to make a ruling on whether to uphold a 15-week abortion ban enacted two years ago. Additionally, a contentious six-week abortion ban, passed last year, is in limbo; it will not take effect if the 15-week ban is invalidated by the court.

Critics of the proposed amendment have highlighted the lack of definitions for terms such as "health" and "health-care provider," arguing that this could mislead voters and lead to future legal challenges. If the amendment question does reach the ballot, it would require a 60% voter approval to be enacted.

The stakes are high, not only for Florida residents but also for women from neighboring southeastern states, where stricter abortion bans are in place, making Florida a critical access point for abortion services.

As Florida grapples with the contentious issue of abortion rights this, development underscores the deep political divisions and the impact of individual actions on the broader political landscape.

Conservative Bias:

Once again, the liberal agenda is on full display, folks, as the leftist radicals attempt to dupe the good citizens of Florida with a so-called "abortion-rights" measure that's as clear as mud. Attorney General Ashley Moody is standing firm against this deceit, fighting tooth and nail to protect the unborn and uphold the values that this country was built on. The language of this proposed amendment is nothing but a wolf in sheep's clothing, designed to trick voters into allowing the murder of innocent lives up to the moment of birth. It's the same old song and dance from the Democrats, who prioritize killing babies over the sanctity of life, all while claiming they're on the side of "women's health." And let's not forget, this is happening under the watchful eye of Governor Ron DeSantis, who's been an unwavering champion of conservative principles.

Liberal Bias:

In a blatant display of authoritarian overreach, Florida's Attorney General Ashley Moody is shamelessly trying to block a crucial abortion-rights measure from reaching the ballot, in a desperate move to cling to her party's archaic and oppressive views on women's reproductive rights. This is nothing short of an assault on democracy, as the Republican machine, led by their puppet master Governor Ron DeSantis, seeks to deny Floridians a clear and straightforward amendment that would protect a woman's right to choose. They're twisting words and manipulating the legal system to maintain control over women's bodies, all under the guise of "protecting life." The GOP's message is clear: fall in line, or face the consequences. This is the reality of the Republican stranglehold on our political system – a world where advocating for life-saving measures and the rights of women is met with scorn and punishment.

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