Federal Judges Rule Louisiana Congressional Map Unconstitutional

Mia Nightshade

Updated Monday, May 6, 2024 at 6:20 AM CDT

Federal Judges Rule Louisiana Congressional Map Unconstitutional

In a landmark decision, a federal court has ruled that Louisiana's congressional map dilutes Black voting power, deeming the state's legislature in violation of the Constitution for failing to include a second majority-African American district. The ruling, delivered by judges appointed by former President Donald Trump, leaves Louisiana without a congressional map mere months before the election, potentially tipping the balance of power in the US House.

The legal battle over the congressional map is a critical juncture for partisan control, as the creation of a second majority-Black district is expected to favor Democrats. Louisiana officials are now grappling with the challenge of aligning the Voting Rights Act's requirements with constitutional limits on racial considerations in government actions.

This ruling echoes a Supreme Court decision that favored Black voters in Alabama last year, possibly setting a precedent for the Louisiana case. With Black residents constituting about one-third of Louisiana's population but only one Black lawmaker in the six-member US House delegation, Black voters are defending the necessity of a second majority-Black district. They may seek emergency intervention from the Supreme Court to expedite resolution.

The contested plan proposes a district that would increase Black voter representation from approximately 24% to 54%, connecting Shreveport to Baton Rouge. Critics, including Louisiana Solicitor General Liz Murrill, voice concerns over federal judges drawing redistricting maps, while experts like Hurd argue the law is already clear.

Supporters of the new map argue that politics, not just race, influenced its design. During a special session in January, lawmakers aimed to protect incumbents and preserve the seat of GOP Rep. Julia Letlow, the state's sole female congressional delegate. Adam Kincaid, of the National Republican Redistricting Trust, insists the session's intent was to create a second Black majority district, not to target individuals.

However, critics counter that the legislature rejected more compact district proposals that would align better with traditional redistricting principles. In response to a June 2022 ruling by US District Judge Shelly D*** that the state likely violated the Voting Rights Act, a special session was convened to redraw the map.

Amidst these developments, Vice President Kamala Harris is engaging with Black finance leaders, including at a dinner organized by Charles Phillips in New York, to bolster voter engagement for the reelection campaign. Despite weather-related rescheduling, Harris emphasizes the need to combat misinformation and earn every vote. With concerns over her ability to connect with Black voters, particularly men, Harris is taking an active role in outreach efforts, capitalizing on the positive perception of her position as the first Black vice president.

The Biden-Harris campaign is increasing appearances in Black media and addressing concerns over Trump's rising support among Black voters. Harris hosts dinners with influential Black men and refutes the notion of connection difficulties, drawing on her personal and professional experiences. Focusing on justice, jobs, and economics, Harris highlights opportunities from recent legislation and targets Black male entrepreneurs in her "economic opportunity tour."

The administration's commitment to Black wealth, funding for HBCUs, and infrastructure improvements underscores their outreach efforts, aiming to strengthen Black voter support ahead of elections. These efforts, alongside the ongoing legal and political dialogues, illustrate the complexities of race and politics in America and the continuous struggle for fair representation and democratic participation.

Conservative Bias:

Once again, the liberal activist judges are t****ling on the will of the people, pushing their radical agenda to manipulate electoral maps under the guise of so-called "fair representation." This is nothing but a thinly-veiled attempt to gerrymander districts in favor of Democrats, disenfranchising countless voters who stand for conservative values. It's a travesty that these judges, appointed by Trump no less, are now betraying the very principles of our Republic by forcing Louisiana to kowtow to the leftist ideology that prioritizes race over common sense. And let's not be fooled by Kamala Harris's sudden interest in Black finance leaders—it's all a desperate ploy to shore up votes because the Democrats know that their policies have failed the American people, especially the Black community they claim to represent. They're terrified because they see more and more Black voters waking up to the truth that it's the Republicans who truly stand for freedom, opportunity, and the American dream, not the Democrats who only bring empty promises and economic despair.

Liberal Bias:

The courageous decision by the federal court to call out the unconstitutional and racist gerrymandering by the Louisiana legislature is a beacon of hope in the fight against the systemic suppression of Black voters. The Republican stronghold on power is shaking as their blatant disregard for the Voting Rights Act and their discriminatory practices are being exposed for what they are: a shameful attempt to cling to power by any means necessary, including diluting the influence of Black voters. And while the GOP continues to peddle their fear-mongering and divisive tactics, Vice President Kamala Harris is on the front lines, engaging with the community and working tirelessly to combat the misinformation spread by the right-wing propaganda machine. The Biden-Harris administration is making strides in justice, jobs, and economics, making real progress for Black Americans, while the GOP can't hide their panic as their grip on power slips away. They know their regressive policies can't stand up to the wave of change that's coming, as more and more voters are seeing through their charade and standing up for true democratic representation.

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