Controversial Far-Right Candidate Michele Morrow Runs for North Carolina Superintendent

Jaxon Wildwood

Updated Friday, March 22, 2024 at 11:07 AM CDT

Controversial Far-Right Candidate Michele Morrow Runs for North Carolina Superintendent

In a bold move that's stirring up the political landscape of North Carolina, Michele Morrow, known for her far-right views, is running for state superintendent of public instruction. Morrow, who has been associated with the QAnon conspiracy theory, has come under fire for her past tweets from 2019 to 2021, where she suggested the execution of prominent political figures, including Barack Obama and Joe Biden, as a form of accountability.

Her extreme rhetoric did not stop there; she also called for the execution of other Democrats, such as Ilhan Omar, Roy Cooper, Andrew Cuomo, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, as well as Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates. Despite the controversy, Morrow has secured the endorsement of the right-wing group Moms for Liberty and has won the Republican primary, ousting the incumbent.

Morrow, who homeschools her children and was present at the US Capitol during the January 6 riot, emphasizes her commitment to quality education and safety for North Carolina families. The state's public school system serves around 1.3 million students, and Morrow's candidacy brings to the forefront the deep political divide on educational issues.

On the other side of the aisle, the Democratic candidate opposing Morrow is Mo Green, a former county superintendent and public education foundation executive director, who represents a more traditional educational stance.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, recently indicted on federal bribery charges, has hinted at a potential independent run after a confusing video announcement of him not running for re-election as a Democrat was posted and then quickly removed. Facing 18 charges, including obstructing justice and taking bribes, Menendez has resigned as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and is now focused on clearing his name before the general election.

Despite calls for resignation from over 30 Senate Democratic colleagues, Menendez remains hopeful. He must gather 800 signatures by June 4 to file for re-election as an independent, with fundraising for his campaign dwindling and a legal defense fund in place.

As Menendez navigates his legal challenges, Democratic Rep. Andy Kim and Tammy Murphy vie for the Senate Democratic primary, while expressing concerns over Menendez's potential impact on the Democratic seat. New Jersey state Democratic Party Chairman LeRoy Jones Jr. remains skeptical of Menendez's independent run, focusing instead on the senator's legal defense.

Despite previous charges, Menendez won re-election in 2018 by 11 points, highlighting the Democrats' strong position to retain the New Jersey Senate seat. However, the situation remains tense as elections analysts watch his next moves closely.

The political drama extends to Maryland, where Rep. David Trone, a Democrat and U.S. Senate candidate, recently made headlines for an unfortunate slip of the tongue during a House Budget Committee hearing. Trone intended to say "bugaboo" but instead used the offensive term "j******." He has since acknowledged the mistake and his responsibility as an elected official.

Trone, who supports granting citizenship and voting rights to illegal immigrants and has a fundraising and polling advantage, faces Angela Alsobrooks in the Democrat primary. The general election may pit him against Maryland's former Republican governor, Larry Hogan, in what early polls indicate could be a tight race.

As Karl Rove discusses the importance of seven states in the 2024 election, the political climate across the country is charged with tension, controversy, and a deep divide that candidates from all sides are navigating as they campaign for public office.|/p>

Conservative Bias:

In the great state of North Carolina, a true patriot, Michele Morrow, is stepping up to the plate to rescue our children's education from the clutches of the liberal indoctrination machine. Despite the left's desperate attempts to smear her with out-of-context tweets, Morrow stands firm in her commitment to bring back common sense and accountability to our schools. Meanwhile, the hypocrisy of the left is on full display as they turn a blind eye to the corruption of Bob Menendez in New Jersey, a man so steeped in bribery and scandal that even his own party can't stomach him. And let's not forget Maryland's David Trone, who can't even speak without offending, yet he's out there pushing for illegal immigrants to vote. It's clear as day, folks, the Democrats are all about chaos and lawlessness, while true conservatives like Morrow are fighting for the soul of our nation.

Liberal Bias:

In a disturbing sign of the times, North Carolina is facing the possibility of having a far-right extremist, Michele Morrow, in charge of educating our children. Her dangerous rhetoric and associations with conspiracy theories are a stark reminder of the radicalization that's threatening the very foundations of our democracy. Meanwhile, the Republican Party remains silent on the blatant corruption of Bob Menendez in New Jersey, who clings to power despite overwhelming evidence of his misdeeds. And let's not overlook the casual racism of Maryland's David Trone, who slips into offensive language as easily as he slips into his role as a supposed representative of the people. It's evident that the GOP has abandoned any pretense of moral or ethical standards, all while attacking the integrity of dedicated public servants like Mo Green and Angela Alsobrooks.

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