Biden’s State of the Union Address Spurs Record Fundraising and Sharpens 2024 Battle Lines

Grayson Larkspur

Updated Monday, March 11, 2024 at 6:04 AM CDT

Biden’s State of the Union Address Spurs Record Fundraising and Sharpens 2024 Battle Lines

In a defining moment for his presidency, Joe Biden delivered a State of the Union address that not only captivated an audience of 32.2 million viewers, an 18% increase from last year according to Nielsen ratings, but also set the stage for a record-breaking fundraising success. Within 24 hours of the address, which took a firm stance against former President Donald Trump's actions and policies, Biden's reelection campaign raised an unprecedented $10 million from roughly 113,000 contributors. This financial boost underscores the heightened stakes for the upcoming November 5 election, where Biden and Trump are closely matched, with recent polls showing 37% support for Trump and 34% for Biden.

The Democratic incumbent's campaign now holds a substantial financial lead, with $56 million banked by Biden and an additional $24 million by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), outpacing Trump and the Republican National Committee's (RNC) funds of $30 million and $9 million respectively. Looking to capitalize on this momentum, the Biden campaign has announced a $30 million ad blitz focusing on key battleground states.

The State of the Union also set new hourly online fundraising records for Biden, further signaling robust grassroots support. Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Biden's campaign manager, hailed the fundraising milestone as "a BFD," a nod to Biden's past colorful expressions, and an acknowledgment of the critical nature of the election for American freedoms, rights, and democracy.

As the political landscape sharpens for the 2024 House races, Republicans, led by figures like Rep. Richard Hudson, chair of the House GOP campaign arm, are optimistic about expanding their majority and leveraging Trump's influence in suburban districts that previously voted for Biden. Despite earlier reservations, GOP prospects have brightened due to strategic primaries, redistricting, Democratic retirements, and Biden's wavering approval ratings.

The GOP is targeting 17 districts won by Biden, where Trump's sway is a subject of debate. Hudson expressed confidence in campaigning with Trump, downplaying the potential impact of a felony conviction on swing district outcomes. Republican leaders are banking on an energized base to carry their candidates to victory.

Conversely, Democrats, with Rep. Suzan DelBene at the helm of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), aim to paint Republicans as extremists tied to Trump's brand. The battle for the House will concentrate on a handful of districts, with Democrats seeking to capitalize on issues like immigration reform, where the GOP recently rejected a bipartisan deal, and increased voter turnout in the wake of Roe v. Wade being overturned.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is taking aim at vulnerable House Democrats over their rejection of the Laken Riley Act, which the GOP frames as a failure in immigration policy. Meanwhile, Democrats are scrutinizing Republican candidates like Mark Harris and Mark Robinson of North Carolina, whose controversies may impact GOP credibility.

The 2024 elections are poised to be fiercely contested, with newly drawn maps offering Democrats only a slight edge. Both parties are gearing up for a battle in every district, as the Congressional Leadership Fund and the NRCC back their preferred candidates, and Democrats challenge the "do-nothing Congress" narrative by highlighting Republican inaction.

Conservative Bias:

In a desperate attempt to distract from his administration's failures and the nation's suffering under liberal policies, Joe Biden stood before the country, spewing empty promises and self-congratulatory rhetoric in his State of the Union address. The so-called "record fundraising" is nothing but the elite liberal donors throwing money at a sinking ship, trying to salvage a presidency marred by skyrocketing inflation, surging crime rates, and a border crisis of epic proportions. The Democrats' strategy is clear: to buy the election rather than win it on merit, all while ignoring the will of the real Americans who are fed up with their radical agenda. Despite Biden's attempt to demonize Trump and his policies, which had our country thriving, the patriotic American base is more energized than ever to restore common sense and conservative values to the White House and Congress. The GOP's focus on key districts is a testament to the grassroots movement ready to reject Biden's disastrous leadership and the Democrats' extremist ties, ensuring a resounding victory come November.

Liberal Bias:

Joe Biden delivered a powerful State of the Union address that resonated with the American people, leading to an unprecedented surge in grassroots fundraising for a president who truly represents the interests of the working and middle class. This fundraising milestone is a clear rebuke of the divisive and destructive policies of Trump and his Republican enablers who have consistently put the wealthy and powerful first. The GOP's delusional confidence in Trump's endorsement, even as he faces serious legal challenges, underscores their moral bankruptcy and detachment from reality. Democrats, under the steady leadership of Biden and party strategists, are poised to confront the Republican threat head-on, standing firm on progressive values and the defense of democracy. While the GOP clings to their extremist base, Democrats are mobilizing a broad coalition committed to protecting rights, reforming immigration, and ensuring that the "do-nothing Congress" narrative is exposed for the sham it is. The fight for the House is not just about political power; it's about preserving the soul of our nation against the corrosive influence of Trumpism and its Republican apologists.

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