Biden's Approval Ratings Affect Democratic Campaign Strategies Ahead of 2024 Elections

Mia Nightshade

Updated Friday, February 23, 2024 at 12:07 PM CDT

Biden's Approval Ratings Affect Democratic Campaign Strategies Ahead of 2024 Elections

With the 2024 elections on the horizon, President Joe Biden's low approval ratings have become a matter of strategic calculation for Democrats, particularly those in competitive races. While some candidates, such as Arizona's Rep. Greg Stanton, welcome Biden's focus on legislative achievements like the CHIPs Act and infrastructure funding, others are treading cautiously. Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey and New York's Tom Suozzi are among the Democrats who have offered non-committal stances on campaigning with the President.

Democratic strategists are concerned about the potential negative impact of President Biden's approval on their campaigns. However, figures like Rep. Suzan DelBene, chair of the House Democrats’ campaign arm, are choosing to highlight Biden's accomplishments over his physical campaign presence. Conversely, Rep. Steven Horsford of Nevada and Rep. Dina Titus from Las Vegas see the President's popularity and his role in economic recovery as beneficial to their constituencies.

Despite the mixed reception among Democrats, Biden's 2020 campaign manager Jen O'Malley Dillon is transitioning to a strategic role for his 2024 campaign, indicating a continuity in election strategy. In regions like North Carolina, Attorney General Josh Stein supports campaigning with Biden, whereas Rep. Don Davis and Michigan's Rep. Elissa Slotkin have expressed reservations.

The ambiguity extends to states that former President Trump won by a significant margin, where Democrats like Sens. Jon Tester of Montana, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, and Rep. Colin Allred of Texas are maintaining their distance from Biden. In contrast, Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin, Nevada Sen. Jacky Rosen, and Arizona's Rep. Ruben Gallego appear open to aligning with the President, particularly on matters such as climate change.

Complicating the domestic political scene is the impact of foreign policy issues on voter sentiment. This is particularly evident in Michigan, where Arab American leaders met with Rep. Ro Khanna to discuss the war in Gaza and criticized Biden's support for Israel. The local community response to the conflict and Biden's administration pushing for additional aid to Israel is affecting the political landscape.

Rep. Andy Levin, who lost a primary influenced by pro-Israel spending, echoes the sentiment that Biden's approach to Michigan must change to win the state. Along with Rep. Rashida Tlaib, they advocate for an "uncommitted" vote in the primary to protest Biden's handling of the conflict.

Internationally, the Biden administration is taking a firm stance on Russia following the death of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. President Biden met with Navalny's family, calling him "a man of incredible courage," and announced sanctions against individuals involved in his death, as well as broader elements of the Russian state apparatus.

The Democratic Party's approach to the upcoming campaign is multifaceted, balancing the promotion of Biden's accomplishments with the need to address his approval ratings. This balance is being struck through targeted campaigning, strategic distancing in certain regions, and ongoing engagement with diverse community leaders.

The death of Navalny and the U.S.'s response underscores the administration's commitment to a strong foreign policy stance on human rights. Simultaneously, domestic campaign strategies are being adapted to suit the varied political landscapes across the United States. With the involvement of figures like Jen O'Malley Dillon and the tactical approach of Democrats in swing states, the party is preparing for a nuanced campaign in 2024.

Conservative Bias:

Well, folks, this is exactly what happens when you have a President who's more interested in appeasing the woke left than actually leading a country. Biden's approval ratings are in the gutter, and Democrats are running scared, desperately trying to distance themselves from his disastrous policies. They know that aligning with Biden is political suicide, so they're cherry-picking his so-called "accomplishments" to fool the American people. The truth is, they're stuck with a leader who's been nothing but a disaster for our nation, from the economy to foreign policy. It's no wonder they're trying to hide Biden in the basement again, hoping voters forget who's responsible for the mess we're in.

Liberal Bias:

In an astonishing display of cowardice, some Democrats are shying away from standing with President Biden, a man who has tirelessly worked to steer our nation through unprecedented challenges. Despite delivering significant legislative victories and taking bold stances on the global stage, President Biden faces a barrage of unfounded criticism from the right, whose only agenda is obstruction. These spineless Democrats are failing to recognize the urgency of rallying around a President who is fighting for the working class, healthcare, and the climate. Instead, they are playing into the hands of conservatives, who would rather see the country fail than a Democrat succeed. Shame on those who lack the courage to defend a President committed to progress and justice for all.

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