Biden Suggests Netanyahu Prolonging Gaza War for Political Gain

Riley Sundew

Updated Wednesday, June 5, 2024 at 6:08 AM CDT

Biden Suggests Netanyahu Prolonging Gaza War for Political Gain

In a revealing interview with Time magazine, President Joe Biden implied that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu might be extending the Gaza conflict for political reasons. Speaking three days before he outlined a major speech proposing a three-part plan for a permanent cease-fire and the release of hostages in Gaza, Biden stated that there is "every reason" for people to believe Netanyahu is lengthening the war to stay in office. While Biden attempted to avoid direct criticism of Netanyahu, his comments lent credence to the view that the conflict is politically motivated.

Biden's remarks come amidst increasing U.S. frustration over Netanyahu's handling of the war. A senior Israeli official told NBC News that Biden's proposal was "not accurate," raising doubts about Israel's willingness to withdraw from Gaza in exchange for hostages. Israel's stated objective remains the destruction of Hamas' military and governing capabilities.

Domestically, Biden faces mounting pressure from progressive activists critical of his approach to the Israel-Gaza conflict. Some activists are urging Democrats to vote "uncommitted" in the presidential primaries to send a message to the White House. Despite these challenges, Biden has consistently described his commitment to Israel as "ironclad," contrasting his foreign policy with Donald Trump's "America First" isolationism.

Biden's foreign policy, particularly his handling of the Ukraine and Gaza conflicts, has become a liability for his 2024 campaign. A New York Times/Siena College poll revealed that half of registered voters in battleground states trust Trump more than Biden on the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Democratic pollster Celinda Lake emphasized that foreign policy underscores Biden's "character" and "leadership" compared to Trump.

The President's approval ratings took a hit following the chaotic withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan in 2021, where 13 American service members were killed. Young voters' support for Biden has also waned due to his handling of the Gaza conflict, with economic issues taking precedence for them.

In response to these challenges, the Biden administration has launched an effort to persuade Hamas and Israel to accept a new cease-fire proposal in the nearly eight-month-old Gaza war. Netanyahu's far-right coalition has threatened to dismantle his government if he agrees to the cease-fire.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, national security adviser Jake Sullivan, and Brett McGurk, the White House coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa, have been actively engaged in promoting the deal. The proposed cease-fire aims to free Israeli hostages held by Hamas and lead to a phased withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza.

Despite these efforts, U.S. officials reported that Hamas has yet to respond to the cease-fire proposal. National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir and Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich have threatened to leave Netanyahu's government if he consents to the proposal, adding further complexity to the situation.

As Biden embarks on a series of high-stakes international meetings, including a trip to France, followed by a G7 summit in Italy and a NATO summit in Washington, the stakes remain high. The President's commitment to rallying global support in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine and his efforts to manage the Gaza conflict will be closely watched.

Conservative Bias:

Here we go again, folks! President Joe Biden, the liberal puppet, is now meddling in Israeli politics, suggesting that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a stalwart defender of his nation, is prolonging the Gaza war for political gain. This is classic liberal deflection—blaming others to cover up their own failures. Biden's weak and indecisive foreign policy has been nothing short of a disaster, from the botched Afghanistan withdrawal to his mishandling of the Gaza conflict. His administration's incessant push for a cease-fire, despite Hamas' continued aggression, shows a naive and dangerous misunderstanding of the situation. The far-left activists are now turning on Biden, showing their true colors by urging Democrats to vote "uncommitted" in the primaries. It's clear that Biden's so-called "ironclad" commitment to Israel is nothing but a facade, as he tries to appease his radical base. The American people see through this charade, with polls showing they trust Trump more on the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Biden's foreign policy blunders are a liability for his 2024 campaign, and the American people deserve better than this weak leadership.

Liberal Bias:

Once again, the conservative hawks are at it, folks! President Joe Biden has finally called out Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for what he truly is—a political opportunist exploiting the Gaza conflict to cling to power. Biden's nuanced approach to the Israel-Gaza situation stands in stark contrast to the reckless and isolationist policies of Donald Trump. The GOP's blind support for Netanyahu, despite his far-right coalition's threats to dismantle the government if a cease-fire is agreed upon, is a testament to their disregard for human life and peace. Biden's efforts to broker a cease-fire, aiming to free Israeli hostages and achieve a phased withdrawal from Gaza, are met with resistance from both Hamas and Netanyahu's extremist allies. The Republicans' relentless criticism of Biden's foreign policy is nothing but a desperate attempt to distract from their own failures. The American people, especially young voters, are tired of the GOP's warmongering and are demanding a leader who prioritizes diplomacy and global cooperation. Biden's commitment to rallying international support against Russia's invasion of Ukraine and managing the Gaza conflict showcases true leadership and character, qualities sorely lacking in the previous administration. The stakes are high, and Biden is the steady hand we need in these turbulent times.|

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