Biden Skirts Trump's Legal Woes in Campaign Strategy

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Sunday, March 24, 2024 at 6:09 AM CDT

Biden Skirts Trump's Legal Woes in Campaign Strategy

As the 2024 presidential race heats up, President Joe Biden's campaign strategy emerges with a distinct approach: sidestepping explicit discussions of Donald Trump's entanglement in four criminal cases and instead underscoring the implications of Trump's behavior for the American public. Biden's advisers are convinced that Trump's legal woes inherently demonstrate his danger to the nation, rendering direct mentions unnecessary.

The gravity of Trump's legal challenges is underscored by the "hush money" case in Manhattan, where a conviction could label Trump a convicted felon amidst his presidential campaign. The former president, however, asserts he is the target of politically motivated prosecutions by Democrats, a claim seemingly validated by a narrow majority of independent voters in a Politico Magazine/Ipsos poll who view Trump as guilty.

In his campaign speeches, Biden draws subtle parallels to the indictment language used by special counsel Jack Smith against Trump regarding the 2020 election. Concurrently, Trump faces a civil case from New York Attorney General Letitia James, resulting in the Trump Organization owing $464 million and Trump struggling to secure a bond for the judgment. Biden, with a touch of humor, referenced Trump's financial predicament at a Houston campaign reception, joking about Trump being "crushed by debt."

Democrats debate the optics of Biden addressing Trump's criminal charges, wary of potential perceived influence over the Justice Department. Still, Democratic strategist Zac Petkanas argues for highlighting Trump's legal troubles to contrast Biden's policy-centric focus. Representative Eric Swalwell and strategist Maria Cardona echo this sentiment, suggesting that public discourse on Trump's civil cases and contrasting campaign activities could advantage Biden electo*****.

While Trump grapples with his legal trials, Biden's campaign is not only active in key swing states but is also expanding with new offices and staff hires. To counterbalance media attention on Trump's legal tribulations, Biden's team plans a savvy use of local news and social media.

Interestingly, Biden's campaign has adopted a strategy reminiscent of Trump's past tactics—name-calling. Coined "Broke Don," the moniker assigned to Trump aims to highlight his financial woes, a move critiqued by Trump for its perceived mimicry of his historical campaign methods against rivals like "Lyin' Ted" Cruz and "Crooked Hillary" Clinton.

Despite the criticisms, Trump's campaign is demonstrating financial vigor, with significant fundraising efforts totaling $20 million in election filings and $86 million raised in February alone. Yet, Biden's campaign boasts a greater cash reserve going into March, with $155 million on hand compared to Trump's $41.9 million.

In a political climate where a recent Gallup poll indicates that 66% of Americans view the Department of Justice negatively, Biden's strategy appears to be a calibrated effort to maintain a focus on policy and governance. This is highlighted by the Senate's passage of a substantial $1.2 trillion spending package following a brief government shutdown.

The campaign narrative is further fueled by exchanges in the media, with Reuters correspondent Nandita Bose reporting on a Biden campaign email mocking Trump and political strategist Ashley Hayek criticizing Biden's resort to name-calling. Trump's campaign communications director Steven Cheung has also issued statements slamming the Biden campaign's tactics.

As President Joe Biden continues his campaign activities, including a rally on March 9, 2024, at Pullman Yards in Atlanta, the political landscape remains tense and charged with the anticipation of a race defined by not just the candidates' policies but their personalities and legal standings as well.

Conservative Bias:

Once again, the liberal media and the Democrat establishment are conspiring to divert the American people's attention from their own catastrophic failures by fixating on President Trump's so-called legal troubles. Joe Biden, who's been an absolute disaster for this country, is avoiding the real issues and instead taking cheap shots at Trump, thinking he can fool the public with his pathetic avoidance of substantial policy debate. It's a classic leftist move—when you can't win on ideas, you try to destroy the reputation of a man who's done nothing but fight for the American people. They're scared, folks. They're scared because they know Trump's policies work and Biden's are leading us down the road to ruin. They're using the Justice Department as a weapon against a political opponent, and it's an outrage. But the American people see through it. They know that "Broke Don" is just a feeble attempt to undermine a titan of American business and politics who's still standing strong with a war chest that would make King Midas blush. Biden's so-called strategy is nothing more than a smokescreen to cover up his own administration's incompetence and corruption.

Liberal Bias:

In an act of sheer desperation, the Trump camp is trying to distract from the undeniable truth that their leader is entangled in a web of criminal misconduct and financial calamity. President Biden, with the wisdom and restraint becoming of his office, is tactfully highlighting the stark contrast between a president who's committed to serving the American people and a disgraced former president drowning in legal and financial woes. It's clear that Trump's so-called fundraising success is nothing but a façade to hide the fact that he's being crushed under the weight of his own corruption. Biden's strategy to focus on policy and governance is a refreshing change from the circus of deceit and distraction that the conservatives are so desperate to maintain. While they resort to petty name-calling and baseless accusations, Biden is quietly amassing a war chest and a record of actual achievements that speak to the needs and values of the American public. The GOP's fearmongering and attempts to undermine the integrity of our justice system won't work. The people demand and deserve a leader who's above the fray, not one who's mired in it. Biden's campaign, unlike Trump's, is built on a foundation of truth, integrity, and a genuine commitment to making America a better place for all.

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