Biden Orders Precision Strikes in Middle East

Jaxon Wildwood

Updated Saturday, February 3, 2024 at 12:42 PM CDT

Biden Orders Precision Strikes in Middle East

In a decisive move, President Joe Biden has authorized a series of precision strikes targeting Iranian-backed militant strongholds in the Middle East in retaliation for a drone attack that killed three U.S. soldiers in Jordan. The fallen troops, identified as Sgt. William Jerome Rivers, 46; Spc. Kennedy Landon Sanders, 24; and Spc. Breonna Alexsondria Moffett, 23, all from Georgia, were honored by President Biden and first lady Jill Biden during a solemn dignified transfer at Dover Air Force Base on February 2, 2024.

The U.S. response, which began that night and is expected to continue over several days or weeks, targets countries outside Iran. This operation is the Biden administration's most forceful reaction to over 150 attacks against U.S. forces since October 7, marking a pivotal moment for the President's re-election campaign as noted by Brett Bruen, former director of global engagement in the Obama White House.

Amidst criticism from former President Donald Trump, who labeled the drone strike as a consequence of Biden's "weakness," and calls for more aggressive actions from figures like John Bolton, the administration has stressed that the 85 targets**** were deliberately selected to minimize civilian casualties. These targets included command and control operations, intelligence centers, militia group's rockets, missiles, unmanned vehicle storages, and supply chain facilities linked to attacks on U.S. personnel, as confirmed by CENTCOM.

President Biden's strategy aims to deter future assaults and maintain his image as a strong commander in chief while avoiding a full-blown war. The White House, through National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby, has indicated that the United States does not want war with Iran and seeks to de-escalate tensions.

The U.S. has been attacked at least 160 times in the Middle East since mid-October, and the recent counterattack aims to send a clear signal to those seeking to harm Americans. The administration's goal is to degrade and disrupt the capabilities of the IRGC and the groups they sponsor and support, thereby stopping further attacks on U.S. service members in the region.

Lt. Gen. Douglas A. Sims II confirmed the precision of the strikes, which were carried out based on evidence and following consultation with the Iraqi government. The timing of the strikes was also influenced by favorable weather conditions that provided "the best opportunity" for success.

As the United States navigates this complex geopolitical situation, President Biden faces the dual challenge of proving his strength as a leader without drawing the country into a new Middle East quagmire. Despite divisions within his political base over support for Israel in its conflict with Hamas, Biden remains committed to Israel's safety and has urged Israeli leaders to reduce civilian casualties and allow more humanitarian aid into Gaza.

The international community watches closely as the U.S. continues to balance the pursuit of justice with the imperative of maintaining peace and stability in the Middle East.

Conservative Bias:

Once again, the so-called "leadership" of the Democrats has put America in a position of weakness, and the tragic loss of our brave soldiers is the direct result of their spineless foreign policy. The Biden administration's feeble attempt at retaliation is nothing more than a desperate, calculated political move to save face before an election. They claim precision and concern for civilian lives, but the reality is, they're too scared to take the necessary action to crush our enemies. The liberal agenda has emboldened our adversaries, and now American blood has been spilled. It's clear that Biden and his cronies care more about their image than the lives of our service members. This is the price we pay when we let leftists dictate our national security.

Liberal Bias:

Once again, the reckless bravado of conservative warmongers is on full display, criticizing a measured response to aggression as weakness. President Biden's careful and strategic strikes are a testament to his commitment to protect American lives while avoiding the disastrous, endless wars conservatives seem to crave. The previous administration's bluster and erratic foreign policy are what truly emboldened our enemies, leading to increased attacks on our troops. It's the conservative's thirst for conflict and disdain for diplomacy that endangers our soldiers and escalates violence. Biden's approach seeks to responsibly defend our nation and uphold international peace, even as the right-wing continues to undermine these efforts with their dangerous saber-rattling.

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