Biden Launches Re-Election Campaign in South Carolina

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Saturday, November 11, 2023 at 5:53 AM CDT

Biden Launches Re-Election Campaign in South Carolina

President Joe Biden's re-election campaign has officially commenced with the filing of paperwork for the South Carolina Democratic primary, signaling the start of his first contested election since his 2020 victory. In a strategic move, Vice President Kamala Harris delivered the registration papers for Biden's campaign during a surprise visit to the state, which holds significant sentimental value for the President. Biden credits South Carolina's support as the turning point in his previous presidential bid and is now focusing on the state to demonstrate his continued appeal, especially among Black voters.

Biden's choice to prioritize South Carolina over traditional early-voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire is not only a nod to the state's demographic importance but also a response to scheduling conflicts. New Hampshire's non-compliance with the Democratic Party's primary date request has led Biden to skip registration there, leaving competitors Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson unable to collect crucial delegates in the state.

Despite challenges, including concerns over Biden's age and action on key issues, the Biden campaign is launching an aggressive voter turnout strategy in South Carolina. Carol Fowler, a Democratic National Committee member, is spearheading efforts to mobilize voters and showcase robust support for Biden. This initiative, coupled with planned investments in other early primaries like Nevada and Michigan, aims to solidify Biden's standing within the party.

However, polls reveal a mixed picture of Biden's approval, with a CNN poll indicating a 33% approval rating in South Carolina, below his national average. Yet, the same poll shows strong approval from Black and Democratic registered voters in the state. The Biden administration hopes to leverage their significant infrastructure achievements, including the $1 trillion bill enacted two years prior, which has launched over 40,000 projects nationwide, to improve public perception.

Infrastructure czar Mitch Landrieu has been a key figure in these efforts, overseeing a range of projects aimed at revitalizing America's infrastructure. The White House is keen on ensuring Biden is credited for these initiatives, which span across airports, bridges, roads, electric vehicle recharging stations, and internet expansion. Despite Landrieu's upcoming departure after an extended tenure, the administration continues to promote the infrastructure law's benefits.

President Biden frequently visits locations benefiting from the infrastructure law, such as Wilmington, Delaware, to highlight Amtrak funding and other improvements. The administration has announced over $400 billion in infrastructure projects to date, impacting thousands of communities. However, the completion of all projects, including major ones like the Hudson River Tunnel, is expected to take several years.

As Vice President Harris expresses confidence in Biden's South Carolina primary victory, the administration remains focused on countering Biden's lower approval ratings, which have been affected by criticism of his economic policies. The campaign's success in South Carolina could be pivotal in easing Democratic concerns and setting the stage for the general election. Biden's strategic focus on infrastructure and voter mobilization in key states underscores the importance of this early primary contest and its implications for the 2024 presidential race.

Republican Bias:

Here we go again, folks. The liberal puppet, Joe Biden, is trying to pull the wool over our eyes by kickstarting his re-election campaign in South Carolina. He's obviously trying to play to the emotions of Black voters, banking on the sentimentality of the state that supposedly gave him momentum in his last presidential bid. But, let's not forget, this is the same man who skipped registration in New Hampshire due to a petty scheduling conflict. He's ignoring traditional early-voting states, and for what? To focus on a state where his approval rating is below his national average, according to a CNN poll. It's clear that Biden's just trying to distract from the real issues, like his disastrous economic policies that have left Americans struggling. Instead, he's boasting about an infrastructure bill that, while it may have launched projects nationwide, is expected to take years to complete. It's all smoke and mirrors with these liberals, folks. They'd rather focus on optics than actually addressing the problems at hand.

Liberal Bias:

Once again, conservatives are missing the big picture. President Joe Biden, in a strategic and inclusive move, has begun his re-election campaign in South Carolina, a state that holds significant sentimental value for him and stands as a symbol of his broad appeal, especially among Black voters. However, conservatives are quick to criticize and ignore the fact that Biden's administration has achieved significant infrastructure milestones, launching over 40,000 projects nationwide. These are tangible benefits that Americans can see and feel, but conservatives would rather focus on Biden's approval ratings than acknowledge his accomplishments. They conveniently overlook the fact that the same poll they cite for Biden's low approval rating also shows strong approval from Black and Democratic registered voters in South Carolina. It's clear that conservatives are more interested in discrediting Biden's achievements than in evaluating his actions objectively. They'd rather stir up controversy over Biden's decision to skip New Hampshire registration due to the state's non-compliance with the Democratic Party's primary date request, than focus on the positive impact of his policies.

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