Biden Issues Landmark Directive Tying U.S. Military Aid to Civilian Protections

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Saturday, February 10, 2024 at 12:16 PM CDT

Biden Issues Landmark Directive Tying U.S. Military Aid to Civilian Protections

In a groundbreaking move that could reshape U.S. foreign aid policy, President Joe Biden has issued a directive making military assistance contingent on recipient nations' adherence to international laws protecting civilians. This directive is part of the administration's strategy to secure bipartisan support for a comprehensive $95 billion assistance package targeting Ukraine and Israel amidst ongoing conflicts.

The policy has been hailed by Democratic senators, including Elizabeth Warren, as a significant shift in the U.S.'s approach to military aid. Maryland Senator Chris Van Hollen spearheaded the two-month negotiations leading to this development. However, human rights advocates like Kenneth Roth, the former head of Human Rights Watch, have raised concerns about the enforcement of these conditions, especially with strategically crucial allies.

While presidential memoranda like Biden's order carry the weight of law, they can be reversed by future administrations. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is now tasked with obtaining written assurances from countries engaged in active conflicts, such as Israel and Ukraine, to adhere to international humanitarian standards. Failure to provide such assurances could result in a suspension of military aid, and compliance will be monitored through regular reports.

The directive carves out exceptions for the supply of certain defensive equipment, like air defense systems, and allows for waivers under "rare and extraordinary circumstances." This executive action addresses concerns about civilian casualties, particularly those reported in the Gaza Strip, as nearly 28,000 Palestinians have been killed since Israel initiated its military campaign, with a significant number being women and children.

Despite U.S. pressure, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government has continued airstrikes in Gaza, with the U.S. expressing frustration over Israel's restrictions on humanitarian aid deliveries. The White House insists the memorandum is aimed at enhancing transparency rather than setting new military aid standards.

The new policy affects over 100 countries receiving U.S. arms and requires an annual report on compliance to Congress. It seeks to strengthen enforcement mechanisms and align U.S. military aid with the country's commitment to upholding international humanitarian standards. The directive's impact on U.S.-Israel relations is particularly notable, potentially influencing Israel's military tactics and its approach to conflict in the Gaza Strip, while also reinforcing the Biden administration's emphasis on human rights and civilian protection in conflict zones worldwide.

Conservative Bias:

In yet another act of weakness and appeasement, the Biden administration is handcuffing America's ability to support our allies in the fight against terror and aggression. With this ludicrous directive, Biden is essentially telling the world that the U.S. is more concerned with playing global hall monitor than with the realpolitik of defending freedom. It's a slap in the face to our friends in Israel, who are on the front lines battling the very terrorists who seek to destroy Western civilization. It's clear that this administration would rather pander to the bleeding-heart liberals and their international law cronies than take a stand for what's right. This is nothing but a betrayal of our allies and a boon for our enemies, wrapped up in the false flag of civilian protection.

Liberal Bias:

Once again, the conservatives have shown their true colors, valiantly defending the indefensible. They would rather turn a blind eye to the slaughter of innocents than dare to place the slightest restriction on military aid. The Biden administration, showing moral fortitude, is taking a stand for human rights and the protection of civilians, but of course, the right-wing warmongers are up in arms. They're outraged not by the deaths of women and children, but by the audacity of a President who dares to demand accountability and adherence to international law. Their hawkish posturing and blind allegiance to military might, at the expense of human lives, is nothing short of reprehensible. This directive is a necessary step towards a more ethical foreign policy, but conservatives would rather see the world burn than let go of their precious weapons deals.

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