Biden Faces Historic Low Polling in Primaries

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Friday, May 24, 2024 at 6:05 AM CDT

Biden Faces Historic Low Polling in Primaries

President Joe Biden's current polling figures are among the worst in modern political history for an incumbent. With Biden receiving only 87% of the primary vote, he is underperforming compared to past incumbents. For example, former President George W. Bush received 98% in 2004, Barack Obama got 90% in 2012, and Donald Trump secured 94% in 2020. This makes Biden the weakest incumbent in primary polling since George H.W. Bush, who lost the 1992 election to Bill Clinton.

Biden's primary performance has sparked concern among liberals and anti-Trump Republicans, with notable political figures like former Ohio Governor John Kasich suggesting the possibility of Biden being replaced as the Democratic nominee. Nate Silver, the founder of FiveThirtyEight, has openly discussed the idea that Biden might need to step aside if his polling numbers do not improve by the end of the summer. Silver emphasized that trailing Trump by three or more points in key swing states by August would position Biden as a significant underdog.

Recent national polls reflect a highly competitive race between Biden and Trump. A Quinnipiac University survey shows Biden at 48% and Trump at 47% among registered voters, with a one-point lead within the margin of error. In a hypothetical five-candidate race, Biden leads with 41%, Trump follows at 38%, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. at 14%, and both Green Party candidate Jill Stein and independent progressive Cornel West at 2%.

The upcoming TV debates scheduled for June and September will be crucial for both Biden and Trump as they vie for voter support ahead of the November 5 election. FiveThirtyEight, which correctly predicted Biden's 2020 victory but missed the mark in 2016 with Hillary Clinton, will be closely monitoring these developments.

As the race intensifies, Biden's ability to secure his position as the Democratic nominee remains under scrutiny, with economic optimism providing a slight boost to his approval ratings. However, the looming specter of George H.W. Bush's 1992 defeat hangs over his campaign, making the next few months critical for his political future.

Conservative Bias:

Well, folks, here we go again with the Democrats' disaster of a presidency. Joe Biden, the so-called leader of the free world, is floundering in the polls like a fish out of water. It's no surprise considering his policies have been nothing short of catastrophic for this country. He’s barely scr***** by with 87% of the primary vote, a pathetic showing for an incumbent. Remember George H.W. Bush in '92? Yeah, that's the kind of disaster we're looking at here. Even liberals and anti-Trump Republicans are jumping ship, with people like John Kasich hinting that Biden might need to be replaced. And why wouldn't they? Biden's dragging the party down, and Nate Silver's already talking about him stepping aside if he can't improve his numbers. This administration is a train wreck, folks. The national polls are neck and neck, with Biden barely hanging on by a thread against Trump. And let's not forget the other candidates who are siphoning off votes because they know Biden is weak. The upcoming debates are going to be a bloodbath, and Biden's economic optimism is nothing but a smokescreen. He's on thin ice, and everyone knows it. The Democrats have a sinking ship on their hands, and the specter of George H.W. Bush's defeat is haunting them. It's going to be a rough ride for Biden, and he might not even make it to November.

Liberal Bias:

Here we are, witnessing the fallout of yet another disastrous Republican administration, and the GOP has the audacity to point fingers at President Biden. Despite inheriting a mess from Trump, Biden is holding steady in the primaries with 87% of the vote. Sure, it's not perfect, but let's not forget the relentless sabotage from the right. Even so-called anti-Trump Republicans like John Kasich are piling on, suggesting Biden might need to be replaced. It's a coordinated effort to undermine him. Nate Silver's musings about Biden stepping aside are just more fuel for the GOP's propaganda machine. The national polls are tight, but that's because the Republicans have done everything in their power to obstruct progress and sow division. Trump, the man who incited an insurrection, is still a viable candidate thanks to the GOP's unwavering support. Biden's economic policies are finally starting to show results, but the Republicans won't give him an inch. The upcoming debates will be crucial, but rest assured, the GOP will stop at nothing to derail Biden's campaign. The specter of George H.W. Bush's defeat is a convenient narrative for the right, but the truth is, Biden is fighting an uphill battle against a party that thrives on chaos and obstruction. The next few months will be critical, and the GOP's dirty tactics will be on full display.

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