Biden Campaign Dives into TikTok Amid Security Concerns

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Monday, February 12, 2024 at 12:09 PM CDT

Biden Campaign Dives into TikTok Amid Security Concerns

With an eye on the upcoming November presidential election, President Joe Biden's reelection campaign has made a strategic leap into the digital realm by launching an official TikTok account, @bidenharris2020hq, aimed at capturing the attention of young voters. The account's debut coincided with the high-profile NFL's Super Bowl event, signaling the campaign's intent to utilize popular culture moments to bolster its reach.

TikTok, a social media phenomenon owned by the Beijing-based tech giant ByteDance, has been embroiled in controversy within the United States, raising alarms over national security issues. Concerns have been amplified by potential risks of user data access by the Chinese government and the perceived ability to influence the platform's content. High-ranking U.S. officials, including members of the FBI and the Federal Communications Commission, have voiced their apprehension, with some advocating for an outright ban of the app.

In a decisive move in 2022, President Biden ordered the deletion of TikTok from devices owned by the federal government, impacting approximately 4 million workers, though exceptions were made for roles involving law enforcement and national security. Despite these actions, the Biden-Harris campaign has acknowledged the security risks yet insists on adopting "advanced safety precautions" to secure campaign devices.

The campaign's TikTok presence was inaugurated with a whimsical video alluding to a political conspiracy theory suggesting the Super Bowl was orchestrated to amplify Taylor Swift's support for Biden. The initiative proved to be an immediate success, amassing 10,900 followers by Sunday night post-launch. However, the campaign has made it clear that President Biden himself will not engage with the platform personally; instead, the account will be curated by his campaign staff.

The United States has been scrutinizing TikTok for an extended period due to the potential threats posed by a 2017 Chinese law mandating corporations to acquiesce to government demands for personal data when national security is at stake. Although there is no concrete evidence of TikTok compromising personal data to the Chinese government, its data collection methods continue to spark extensive unease.

The BidenHQ TikTok account is set to be a fixture in the campaign's digital strategy, indicating regular content updates as part of their broader social media presence. The campaign's digital footprint spans various platforms, including Meta's Threads, Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter), and even Truth Social, the platform endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

By concentrating on social media and smaller-scale events, the Biden campaign is looking to engage with voters, particularly those who are less inclined toward traditional media consumption. Additionally, the campaign and the White House are stepping up efforts to network with social media influencers, aiming to disseminate the president's agenda and tap into a wider audience.

Conservative Bias:

Here we go again, folks—the Biden campaign, in an act of utter desperation and blatant disregard for American security, has embraced TikTok, a Chinese Trojan horse, to pander to the naive youth. Despite the glaring red flags raised by our own national security experts about the app being a potential conduit for Chinese espionage, the so-called "Biden-Harris 2020 HQ" account is the Democrats' latest scheme to brainwash our youngsters with leftist propaganda. They're even using Taylor Swift and the Super Bowl to peddle their socialist agenda. It's clear that Biden's handlers will stoop to any level, including cozying up to Communist China, just to cling onto power. They're selling out our national security for a few extra likes and shares, proving once again that liberals will sacrifice America's well-being at the altar of political expediency.

Liberal Bias:

In a striking display of hypocrisy and obstruction, the GOP is once again fearmongering over President Biden's savvy move to engage young voters on TikTok. Despite the platform's widespread popularity and the campaign's assurances of taking advanced safety precautions, conservatives are manufacturing a crisis where none exists. They're more concerned with smearing the President and spreading xenophobic conspiracy theories about China than acknowledging the innovative ways the Biden campaign is connecting with the electorate. The GOP's relentless attacks on TikTok are a transparent attempt to distract from their own failure to address the issues that matter to Americans, preferring to st*** baseless paranoia rather than participate in the modern political landscape. It's clear they fear the power of an informed, mobilized, and tech-savvy youth, ready to vote against their regressive policies.

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