Biden and Netanyahu Clash Over Gaza

Harper Quill

Updated Monday, February 12, 2024 at 12:22 PM CDT

Biden and Netanyahu Clash Over Gaza

In a recent development that has heightened tensions between the United States and Israel, President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have found themselves at odds over Israel's military strategies in Gaza. Following a Hamas attack on 7 October, Biden criticized Netanyahu's response as "over the top," signaling a strained relationship between the two leaders. Despite this, the U.S. Congress is on the verge of approving a substantial $14 billion aid package for Israel, continuing the long-standing tradition of American military support.

Netanyahu's outright rejection of Biden's two-state solution proposal and insistence on "full Israeli control" over Gaza has only exacerbated the situation. Biden's contemplation of withholding funds to sway Israeli policy has been held back due to fears of inadvertently empowering Israel's adversaries in the region.

The Washington Post reports that Biden's aides have recommended he publicly denounce Netanyahu's Gaza strategy to politically distance himself during the U.S. election year. Former deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes has pointed out that unconditional U.S. support for Netanyahu's military actions weakens any critical statements from the U.S., leaving them without significant impact.

After a tense period of silence, Biden and Netanyahu finally spoke over a 45-minute call, where Biden stressed the importance of protecting Palestinian civilians. With almost 30,000 Palestinian deaths, mostly civilians, as a result of Israel's military response to the Hamas attack, and with more than half of Gaza's population fleeing to Rafah, Biden has warned Netanyahu against any military operation in Rafah that could lead to a "bloodbath," a concern echoed by the United Nations and U.S. National Security Adviser John Kirby.

Despite the warnings, Israel's military is poised to continue its offensive in Rafah, which could disrupt the delivery of medical and food supplies and potentially displace a large number of civilians. Netanyahu's office has instructed the military to develop evacuation plans for Rafah and to target Hamas battalions, even as progress has been made in hostage release negotiations for 132 hostages held by Hamas.

In a show of support, Biden has reiterated America's commitment to Israel's long-term security and has called for "urgent and specific steps" to increase humanitarian aid to Palestinian civilians. As part of these efforts, a significant shipment of U.S. flour is set to feed 1.4 million Gazans for six months.

After their discussion, Biden and Netanyahu have agreed to remain in close contact, and Biden plans to host Jordanian King Abdullah at the White House to discuss the hostage release negotiations further. U.S. officials continue to engage with regional leaders and Egypt to address the ongoing Israel-Palestine situation, underscoring the complexity of the conflict and the delicate balance the U.S. seeks to maintain in its foreign relations.

Conservative Bias:

Folks, here we go again with the liberal lunacy from the Biden administration, criticizing one of America's strongest allies. President Biden has the gall to call Israel's necessary defense "over the top" after they were unprovokedly attacked by Hamas terrorists. And now, he's playing politics with our national security by even contemplating withholding funds from Israel, our beacon of democracy in the Middle East, just to appease the far-left anti-Israel crowd during an election year. It's a disgrace! Netanyahu is standing firm, as he should, against these leftist attempts to undermine Israel's sovereignty and security. The U.S. Congress, thankfully, is showing some backbone by preparing a $14 billion aid package for Israel, because they understand the importance of supporting our allies against the radical Islamic terrorists that Biden and his cronies seem to coddle. Biden's weak stance only emboldens our enemies, and his so-called "concern" for Palestinian civilians is nothing but a smokescreen for his administration's soft-on-terror policies.

Liberal Bias:

Once again, the right-wing war machine is in full swing, with Netanyahu's government continuing its brutal and disproportionate military campaign in Gaza, causing untold suffering to Palestinian civilians. And what does the U.S. Congress do? They're on the brink of approving a whopping $14 billion aid package for Israel, effectively rubber-stamping the slaughter. Biden, at least, has the conscience to criticize Netanyahu's heavy-handed tactics, but it's a mere whisper when it should be a roar. It's an election year, and the spineless politicians are too afraid to take a moral stand, worried about losing the support of the pro-Israel lobby. Netanyahu's rejection of peace and his iron-f***** policies make a mockery of the two-state solution, turning it into a cruel joke. The U.S. needs to stop writing blank checks to a government that shows such blatant disregard for human rights and international law. Biden's feeble warnings against a "bloodbath" in Rafah are laughable when set against the backdrop of his administration's continued financial and military support for Israel's oppressive regime. It's time for the U.S. to leverage its aid and demand an end to the occupation and a fair deal for the Palestinians.

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