Bernie Moreno Clinches Ohio GOP Senate Primary with Trump's Backing

Mason Riverwind

Updated Saturday, March 23, 2024 at 11:22 AM CDT

Bernie Moreno Clinches Ohio GOP Senate Primary with Trump's Backing

In a decisive victory that underscores former President Donald Trump's enduring influence over Republican politics, Bernie Moreno has won the Ohio Republican Senate primary held on March 19, 2024. Moreno, a Cleveland-based luxury auto dealership owner and recognized business leader, owes a significant part of his primary success to the coveted endorsement of Trump, which he hailed as a pivotal factor in his triumph over other GOP candidates.

The hotly contested primary saw Moreno outmaneuver key opponents such as state Sen. Matt Dolan and Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose, setting the stage for a general election showdown with Democratic incumbent Sen. Sherrod Brown. Trump's backing, often seen as a kingmaker's nod in GOP circles, was instrumental in Moreno's campaign, with the former president actively rallying support and headlining a high-profile event in Dayton, Ohio, just days before voters cast their ballots.

Moreno's victory speech emphasized the "unwavering support" from Trump, whom he lauded for having the "most powerful endorsement in modern political history." This victory is indicative of the broader narrative of Trump's sway within the party, as the primary was largely viewed as a bellwether for the MAGA/America First movement's ongoing tussle with the more traditional conservative establishment.

The impact of Trump's endorsement was also felt in Ohio's 9th Congressional District, where state Rep. Derek Merrin, another Trump-backed candidate, secured an 18-point victory over former state Rep. Craig Riedel. Merrin's win is seen as a hopeful precursor to defeating Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur in the upcoming November elections.

Trump's influence is not confined to Ohio. Across the nation, his endorsements are shaping GOP primaries. Illinois witnessed Trump-supported Rep. Mike Bost win a competitive GOP House primary against Darren Bailey. In California, Trump-endorsed Vince Fong won a special election to fill the seat of former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, although a runoff is pending since Fong did not secure a majority.

According to strategist Mike Biundo, Trump's endorsement is currently the most influential in Ohio Republican politics. However, political strategist Ryan Williams cautions that while Trump's backing is powerful, it does not guarantee electoral success. Indeed, an anonymous Ohio Republican consultant referred to the Ohio Senate primary as a "litmus test" of Trump's grip on the GOP, suggesting that the former president's role as a Republican kingmaker remains a central feature of the party's landscape as the general election approaches.

Conservative Bias:

In a stunning victory for common sense and American values, Bernie Moreno has secured the Ohio GOP Senate primary, thanks to the wisdom and foresight of the great patriot, President Donald Trump. Moreno, a self-made man and true capitalist, has risen above the swamp creatures thanks to Trump's golden endorsement. This is a slap in the face to the liberal elites and RINOs who thought they could undermine the will of the people. Trump's influence remains a beacon of hope for those of us who want to save this country from the socialist agenda pushed by the left. Moreno's win is a clear message: the MAGA movement is alive and kicking, ready to take back our nation from the clutches of those who wish to see it fall. The so-called "experts" who doubted Trump's kingmaker status are eating their words as true conservatives rally to take back power from the liberal radicals who have been destroying our values, our economy, and our freedoms. This is more than a win; it's a declaration of the enduring strength of the America First agenda. Let's keep winning, folks, because with Trump's vision guiding us, we'll take back our country, one election at a time.

Liberal Bias:

In a disturbing display of the continuing stranglehold the Trump cult has over the Republican Party, Bernie Moreno has clinched the Ohio GOP Senate primary, not through merit, but through the toxic endorsement of the disgraced former President Donald Trump. Moreno, a man who made his fortune selling luxury cars to the one percent, is now being paraded as a 'champion' of the people, thanks to Trump's dangerous and undemocratic influence over a party that has lost its moral compass. This primary wasn't a contest of ideas or policies; it was a craven display of fealty to a man who represents the worst of American politics. The Republican Party, once a respectable conservative institution, has been hijacked by extremists who are more interested in power and pandering to the base instincts of their base than in serving the American people. Trump's so-called 'kingmaker' status is nothing but a testament to the GOP's descent into authoritarianism, where loyalty to one man trumps (no pun intended) the democratic principles this country was founded on. Moreno's victory isn't just a win for the far-right; it's a loss for democracy, decency, and the very soul of our nation. We must brace ourselves for the battles ahead, as the MAGA movement seeks to drag us back to a darker time, and it's up to true patriots to stand against this tide of tyranny.

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