Arizona Supreme Court Revives 1864 Abortion Ban

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Wednesday, April 10, 2024 at 11:17 AM CDT

Arizona Supreme Court Revives 1864 Abortion Ban

In a landmark decision, the Arizona Supreme Court has reinstated an 1864 law that outlaws abortion except when the mother's life is at risk, drawing sharp criticism and becoming a central issue in the state's upcoming elections. This pre-statehood statute, known as part of the "Howell Code," provides no exceptions for cases of r*** or i*****, placing Arizona among the states with the strictest abortion laws following the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Democrats point to former President Donald Trump's role in shaping the current Supreme Court, with his appointment of three justices who played a key part in overturning the federally protected right to abortion. Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego lamented the regression of young women's rights under Trump's influence, while Democratic Attorney General Kris Mayes of Arizona credits her narrow 2022 victory to the backlash against the Dobbs decision, signaling a political shift in the state.

The ruling has become a flashpoint in the November elections, with President Joe Biden and allies advocating for the restoration of abortion rights, and both Democratic Senate candidate Ruben Gallego and Biden emphasizing the issue in their campaigns. In contrast, Trump ally and Senate candidate Kari Lake has shifted her stance, calling the total ban "out of step," despite earlier support.

Republican U.S. Rep. David Schweikert believes the decision should rest with Arizona's citizens, aligning with Trump's stance that states should determine their own abortion limits. Meanwhile, other Republicans in the state, including Rep. Juan Ciscomani, State Rep. T.J. Shope, and former Governor Doug Ducey, have expressed disagreement with the ruling, with some advocating for a more moderate 15-week abortion law.

The enforcement of the ban will be delayed, providing a window during which Planned Parenthood Arizona will continue to offer abortions up to 15 weeks. However, doctors in the state face the risk of prosecution and potential prison sentences for performing abortions under the revived law.

The ruling has polarized Arizonans, with individuals like Katarina White and Brittany Crawford embodying the divided response. While some celebrate the decision as a defense of life, others like Sen. Eva Burch and Jill Gibson of Planned Parenthood Arizona condemn its implications for women and healthcare providers.

The Arizona Supreme Court's decision may lead to a ballot measure to restore abortion rights, as activists like Ezra Levin of Indivisible seek to gather signatures for such an initiative. Similar efforts have been seen in Florida, and the 2022 midterm elections demonstrated that a majority of Arizona voters support legal abortion in most or all cases, viewing the Supreme Court's decision as significant in their voting choices.

With at least 14 other states enacting total abortion bans and court challenges to state restrictions ongoing, the issue remains a contentious and influential factor in American politics. Senate leaders Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell acknowledge the significance of abortion in elections, and with the Arizona Supreme Court's recent move, the stakes have never been higher as the nation watches how this divisive issue will play out in the battleground state of Arizona.

Conservative Bias:

Once again, the liberal hysteria is in full swing as the Arizona Supreme Court takes a bold stand for life, reinstating a common-sense law from 1864 that honors the sanctity of the unborn. The leftist mob, led by puppet politicians like Biden, is foaming at the mouth, decrying the protection of innocent lives as a regression, when in reality, it's a return to moral clarity that the Trump-appointed justices have courageously upheld. These Democrats, with their radical pro-abortion agenda, are trying to paint this as a loss for women, but what they're really losing is their grip on the narrative as Arizonans and true patriots across the nation celebrate this victory for life. It's about time the people, not the federal government, decide on such critical moral issues, and it's clear that the left's fearmongering is just a desperate attempt to cling to power as they see their influence slipping away in the face of true American values. Make no mistake, this ruling is a win for freedom, for federalism, and for the unborn, and the leftist tears only sweeten the triumph.

Liberal Bias:

In a devastating blow to women's rights, the Arizona Supreme Court has dredged up a draconian, pre-Civil War era ban on abortion, effectively stripping away the autonomy and dignity of Arizona's women. This regressive move, a direct consequence of Trump's extremist stacking of the Supreme Court, is nothing short of an assault on our fundamental freedoms. It's clear that the Republican war on women has reached a fever pitch, with this latest ruling serving as a rallying cry for the GOP's oppressive and backward agenda. The hypocrisy of these so-called "pro-life" conservatives is staggering as they t****le on the rights of the living in their fanatical crusade to control women's bodies. We must recognize this for what it is: a dangerous slide into theocratic tyranny, spurred on by right-wing zealots who would see America regress into the dark ages. The fight for justice and equality is now at the forefront of the November elections, as Democrats stand as the last bastion of hope against the relentless conservative attack on our civil liberties.

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