Unraveling the Complexity of Situationships: Debunking the "Above Their League" Myth

Ella White

Updated Tuesday, December 26, 2023 at 1:23 PM CDT

Unraveling the Complexity of Situationships: Debunking the "Above Their League" Myth

The Truth Behind Situationships and the Illusion of Being "FWB-Zoned"

Situationships, often dismissed as complicated and embarrassing, have become a common phenomenon in modern dating. Contrary to popular belief, these arrangements are not solely about women being "f***-buddy zoned" by men above their league. In fact, situationships are often a result of personal issues, changing dating norms, and the fear of commitment in modern relationships.

In many cases, the guy involved in a situationship may not even acknowledge it as such. He may claim to be single to others, maintaining a rotation of multiple girls with similar arrangements. This behavior stems from a desire to avoid commitment and enjoy the benefits of casual relationships without any strings attached.

The term "situationship" is often used by women to dismiss the relationship and avoid taking accountability. Initially, they may have hoped that the guy would change his stance on commitment. However, as time goes on, they use the term to label their experiences and cope with the lack of a defined relationship.

It is important to note that situationships are not always about being "above their league." Sometimes, the man involved may have personal issues or simply not want something serious at the moment. The concept of a situationship is not solely about the man being attractive enough to make the woman stay in hope of a relationship. It is a way for people to create meaning in a situation where there is none, often fueled by delusion and false hope for a future relationship.

Furthermore, the idea that the guy in a situationship is always better than the woman involved is a misconception. In reality, the guy may have numerous red flags and be far from desirable. Situationships can involve age differences, criminal records, and other undesirable traits in the guy, showing that being FWB-zoned does not automatically make someone desirable or "hot s***."

Additionally, some women may be desperate for a relationship or manipulated into hoping for more, even when the guy in the situationship is not necessarily "above their league." It is essential to understand that women have diverse preferences and motivations when it comes to dating. Some may actually prefer casual dating and not necessarily want a committed relationship.

The dating culture has changed significantly, making it harder for women to find physically active, hygienic, and sociable guys. This scarcity of desirable partners may lead some women to choose casual relationships with "dateable" guys instead of settling for less. It is a conscious decision to be treated well by a hot guy without exclusivity, rather than settling for someone they consider a loser.

Situationships can also occur due to the woman being young and naive, rather than the guy being out of her league. Inexperience and lack of knowledge about healthy relationships can lead to settling for less and accepting situationships as the norm.

the term "situationship" is a way for women to label and categorize their relationship with a guy who is not committed to them. It is a product of changing dating norms, fear of commitment, and personal preferences. Situationships are not always about being "f***-buddy zoned" by someone above their league but can involve a variety of factors such as personal issues, lack of options, and insecurities. It is crucial to understand the complexities behind situationships and avoid generalizations based on stereotypes.

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