The Unpopular Act of B*** Patting in Sports: Will It Eventually Fade Out?

Charlotte Martin

Updated Sunday, April 21, 2024 at 12:45 PM CDT

The Unpopular Act of B*** Patting in Sports: Will It Eventually Fade Out?

The Author's Confession and Preference

The act of b*** patting in sports has been a long-standing tradition, but for the author of this article, it has always been a perplexing phenomenon. Having played basketball, football/soccer, and American football for most of their life, the author has been exposed to this gesture countless times. However, they confess to never truly understanding the purpose behind it.

In the world of sports, the b*** pat is not exclusive to teammates; it can also involve coaches and even opposing players who have a certain level of familiarity with each other. It is often seen as a form of celebration or camaraderie, a way to acknowledge a good play or show support. Yet, for the author, the b*** pat is off-putting and fails to resonate with their personal preferences.

Instead of the b*** pat, the author prefers alternatives such as a fist bump or high-five. These forms of celebration and camaraderie still convey the same message of acknowledgement and support, but without the discomfort that the b*** pat brings. The author believes that the idea of b*** patting being preferred over other forms of celebration or camaraderie is, in fact, unpopular among many individuals.

However, not everyone agrees with the author's perspective. An er, who has a different opinion, argues that the act of b*** patting is not currently unpopular. They suggest that younger individuals, in particular, may feel less comfortable with this gesture, but it is still widely practiced in many sports today.

The er further explains that b*** patting used to be more common and accepted in the past, but it has gradually become less popular over the years. This decline in popularity could be attributed to changing societal norms and a greater awareness of personal boundaries. The er predicts that, given this trend, b*** patting will eventually fade out as a practice in sports.

The act of b*** patting in sports is a divisive topic. While some individuals find it acceptable and even enjoyable, others, like the author, find it uncomfortable and prefer alternative forms of celebration and camaraderie. As societal norms continue to evolve, it is possible that b*** patting will become less prevalent in the future. Whether it will completely fade out remains to be seen, but it is clear that opinions on this practice vary greatly among athletes and sports enthusiasts alike.

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