The Golden Age: Why the 90s Was the Best Era

William Lewis

Updated Friday, March 22, 2024 at 4:27 AM CDT

The Golden Age: Why the 90s Was the Best Era

Debunking Nostalgia: Each Era Brings Its Own Advancements

Claiming that things were better 20 or 30 years ago because people were supposedly more genuine or had more fun is absolutely wrong. Each era can be considered the best up to that point, as they bring their own advancements and societal changes, offering new opportunities for careers and entertainment.

The Misconception About Smartphones and Interpersonal Interaction

It's unfair to blame smartphones for a decline in interpersonal interaction, as even without them, people often kept to themselves in public spaces in the past. In fact, smartphones actually offer more avenues for socializing, and people still value face-to-face interaction. The perception that smartphones have hindered social connections is a misconception.

The Current State of Affairs and Perceived Decline

The current state of affairs is perceived as getting worse, with less jobs for college kids, more student debt, insane housing and medical care costs, expensive child care, revolving door politicians, crumbling infrastructure, worsening global warming, lower birth rates, the negative impact of social media, corporatized entertainment, expensive food, and the potential threat of AI replacing jobs without alternatives. While all these problems exist, it is uncertain whether they will be fixed in the future.

Nostalgia and the Fondness for Youth

Every generation reflects on their younger years and calls them golden, as their fondest memories come from a time they felt most alive or filled with hope for their future. When someone says it was better in the past, they just miss their youth. It is important to separate nostalgia from objective analysis when evaluating different eras.

The 90s: The Actual Golden Age

The 90s is considered the actual golden age by one individual, characterized by the optimism in the air between the end of the Cold War and before the 9/11 attacks. During the 90s, there was a beautiful sense of optimism and people of different backgrounds and persuasions happily mixed with each other, regardless of political ideology (as long as not too extreme).

Unity and Freedom in the 90s

The 90s was also the last decade before mass internet addiction took hold. People in the 90s were more open to diverse interactions and didn't judge others based on their political ideology. The era is seen as a time of freedom and unity, where people of all kinds happily coexisted.

The Last Era Before Mass Internet Addiction

The er believes that the 90s was the golden age, with its unique atmosphere and absence of identity politics. They believe it was the last era before the negative impact of mass internet addiction. The 90s is regarded as a time of optimism, unity, and a lack of identity politics.

Each era has its own unique characteristics and advancements, making it the best up to that point. Nostalgia often clouds our judgment, as we tend to romanticize the past. While the 90s is seen as a golden age by some, it's important to recognize that every era has its pros and cons. The key is to appreciate the advancements and opportunities of the present while cherishing the memories and lessons from the past.

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