The Controversy Surrounding Stranger Things: Should it Have Ended Sooner?

Mason Riverwind

Updated Thursday, March 21, 2024 at 8:44 AM CDT

The Controversy Surrounding Stranger Things: Should it Have Ended Sooner?

The Cash Cow Disney Ride and Disregarded Storyline

Stranger Things, the hit Netflix series, has been praised for its nostalgic 80s setting, captivating storyline, and talented young cast. However, there is a growing controversy surrounding the show, with some viewers arguing that it should have ended sooner. One criticism is that Stranger Things has become a cash cow Disney ride, prioritizing promotional tie-ins and creating viral moments over the development of its story.

While the show's first season garnered critical acclaim, some fans believe that subsequent seasons have failed to live up to the initial hype. The er argues that Stranger Things should not have gone past three seasons, as the child actors are now college-aged and have outgrown their characters. This has led to a disconnect between the characters' ages and the story's timeline, making it difficult for viewers to fully immerse themselves in the narrative.

The er's criticism extends beyond Stranger Things itself, highlighting a broader issue in Hollywood. Many popular shows are being forced to continue past their natural expiration date, resulting in convoluted storylines that need to be hastily resolved. This approach not only compromises the quality of the show but also risks alienating the audience.

In contrast, the UK show Ghosts is praised for its decision to end on a positive note, avoiding the pitfall of producing too many seasons. This allows the show to maintain its integrity and ensures that the story remains fresh and engaging throughout its run.

Studios and streaming services are urged to take more pride in their intellectual property and resist the temptation to milk successful shows for all they're worth. By recognizing when a show has reached its creative peak and gracefully concluding it, they can preserve the legacy of beloved series and prevent them from becoming stale.

It is worth noting that the phenomenon of shows overstaying their welcome is not new, and it is less surprising for a popular show like Stranger Things. However, the solution proposed by the er is simple: stop watching a show when it is no longer enjoyable or fulfilling. By doing so, viewers can avoid the disappointment that often comes with a show's decline in quality.

For some viewers, Stranger Things lost its charm after the first season and quickly became mediocre. The unrealistic portrayal of certain relationships and social dynamics, as well as the repetitive nature of fighting the demogorgon, were cited as major drawbacks. However, the er acknowledges that others may have different opinions and that tastes can vary.

The show's writers have stated that they envision Stranger Things lasting for five seasons, indicating that the story is not yet complete. While some fans are eagerly awaiting the next season to see how the story unfolds, others plan to stop watching after the final season, unless spinoffs or new stories are released that pique their interest.

In the era of never-ending reboots and sequels, it is refreshing to know that Stranger Things is at least ending after the current season. Many other shows tend to rehash the same themes and storylines ad nauseam, diluting the original magic that made them popular in the first place.

Looking back, it is suggested that the seasons of Stranger Things should have been fast-tracked after the second season, considering the age progression of the main cast compared to the story's timeline. This would have helped maintain the believability of the characters' journeys and prevented the awkward age gap that currently exists.

Despite its rougher moments, the er believes that Stranger Things has the potential to conclude its story satisfactorily in the next season. They plan to stop watching after the final season, unless the show takes an unexpected turn with spinoffs or new stories that breathe fresh life into the franchise.

The controversy surrounding Stranger Things revolves around the question of whether the show should have ended sooner. While some argue that it has become a cash cow Disney ride, prioritizing promotional tie-ins over storytelling, others acknowledge that shows going on for too long is not a new phenomenon. Ultimately, the decision of when to stop watching a show lies with the viewers themselves, who should trust their instincts and disengage when the show no longer meets their expectations.

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