The Complexities of Modern Society: Are Human Advancements Worth It?

Grayson Larkspur

Updated Friday, December 8, 2023 at 12:40 PM CDT

The Complexities of Modern Society: Are Human Advancements Worth It?

The Challenges of Tribal Societies

Tribal societies have long been romanticized for their seemingly stress-free and jobless existence. However, they face their own set of challenges. Building their own shelter, hunting for food, and protecting themselves from rival tribes require constant effort and resources. While they may have zero stress in terms of traditional jobs, their daily survival tasks can be physically demanding and mentally draining.

Living a Hunter-Gatherer Lifestyle: The Dark Side

The allure of a hunter-gatherer lifestyle is undeniable, but it comes with a high price. Modern hunter-gatherer tribes have reported a high death rate due to factors such as injury, predation, and disease. Without the advancements in medicine and safety measures that modern society offers, their lives are fraught with constant danger and uncertainty.

The Changing Dynamics of Work and Family

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the percentage of women working. Both parents often find themselves in the workforce to support their families. While this shift has brought about economic stability, it has also led to a decrease in quality family time and increased stress levels.

The Power of Technology

Throughout history, humans have excelled in harnessing the power of technology. From complex communication systems to improved defense mechanisms and food production, technology has been a driving force in our progress as a species. It has enabled us to overcome various challenges and improve our overall quality of life.

The Unavoidable Human Flaw: Greed

Whether society is focused on technology or a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, greed remains a constant. It is a flaw deeply ingrained in human nature, driving individuals to seek more than what is necessary for their survival. Greed can lead to societal imbalances and conflicts, regardless of the lifestyle adopted.

The Internet: A Boon and a Bane

The internet is hailed as one of the greatest achievements of mankind, granting access to vast knowledge and the potential for unprecedented intelligence. However, many advancements made in recent years, particularly in relation to the internet, have been misguided or even harmful. Political destabilization and the negative impact of social media on mental health are just some of the consequences we face.

Navigating the Complexity of Modern Life

The complexity of the modern world has made it increasingly challenging to live a happy, fulfilled, and stable life. The demands of society often leave little time for family and personal well-being, despite the technological advancements that were meant to make our lives easier. Balancing work, family, and personal growth has become an intricate juggling act.

Government Support and Lifestyle Choices

While government welfare programs can provide some support, the need for both parents to work jobs has become more prevalent. This leads to less time for family and increased stress levels. However, making conscious lifestyle choices such as building smaller homes and providing alternatives to driving can help lower the cost of living and reduce resource consumption.

The Impact of Advancements on Society

Advancements in technology have undoubtedly improved our ability to communicate complex ideas and defend ourselves. The internet has opened up a world of knowledge and facilitated informed discussions. However, society has not always made the smartest choices when it comes to advancements. Better regulation and ethical considerations are necessary to ensure that new inventions benefit humanity as a whole.

Questioning the Worth of Advancements

In the face of increasing complexity and stress, it is natural to question whether the advancements we have made as a society are truly worth it in the long run. While they have undoubtedly brought benefits, they have also introduced new challenges and complexities. Striking a balance between progress and maintaining a fulfilling and sustainable way of life is a question we must grapple with as we navigate the complexities of the modern world.

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