The Apple Mentality: Is Owning an Apple Product Really a Status Symbol?

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Tuesday, April 2, 2024 at 12:10 PM CDT

The Apple Mentality: Is Owning an Apple Product Really a Status Symbol?

The Perception of Superiority Among Apple Users

Many Apple users have a mentality that they are superior to those who don't use Apple products. While this mindset is not applicable to all Apple users, it is prevalent among a large majority of them. The belief that owning an Apple phone is a status symbol is common among these individuals. They perceive themselves as part of an exclusive club, elevating their social status through their choice of smartphone.

The Influence of Branding on Consumer Behavior

People have been told that owning an Apple product is a status symbol, and this belief has influenced their behavior. Some individuals have been informed that having an Apple phone signifies a certain social status, and they strive to achieve it. However, this belief is questioned by the fact that many people from diverse backgrounds also own Apple phones. Branding plays a significant role in consumer behavior, and the concept of exclusivity is a desired trait for many individuals, particularly the wealthy.

The Peculiar Behavior of Apple Users

The behavior exhibited by Apple users is seen as strange and not observed in users of other phone brands. This peculiar behavior, such as flaunting their Apple devices or belittling users of other brands, is not commonly seen in users of other phone brands. This behavior has been observed for several years and is unique to the Apple brand. It raises questions about the impact of branding on consumer behavior and the psychology behind it.

Bullying and the Apple vs. Android Divide

Reports have emerged of Android phone users experiencing bullying from Apple phone users, particularly in school settings. A 16-year-old boy reported witnessing instances of bullying towards Android phone users by their Apple phone counterparts at his school. This behavior is considered extreme and abnormal, as it stems from the perceived superiority of Apple products over Android devices. It highlights the negative consequences of brand loyalty and the need for acceptance and validation among peer groups.

Diverse Perspectives on Apple Products

Contrary to the belief that Apple users think their devices are superior, many of them do not hold this view. Some Apple users do not give much thought to the brand and only care about basic functionalities like texting, calling, and browsing. On the other hand, Samsung users often make a point of highlighting the flaws of Apple phones to Apple users. This behavior is not reciprocated by Apple users, indicating a difference in attitudes and perspectives between the two user groups.

Factors Influencing Phone Choices

For some individuals, the decision to stick with Apple is based on not wanting to switch to a different platform. The platform is a determining factor when choosing a phone, as some users prefer the familiarity and ecosystem of Apple devices. However, the origin or manufacturer of the phone is not a significant consideration for many users. Unless there are ethical concerns regarding the materials used, most users do not care about the manufacturer of their phone. The focus is on the phone's functionality rather than its brand.

The mentality of Apple users as superior and the perception of Apple products as status symbols are prevalent but not universal. Branding plays a significant role in consumer behavior, influencing perceptions and choices. The peculiar behavior associated with Apple users is not commonly seen in users of other phone brands, highlighting the impact of branding on consumer psychology. The divide between Apple and Android users can lead to bullying and negative consequences. Ultimately, factors such as platform preference and phone functionality outweigh brand loyalty for many users.

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