The Annoyance of Constantly Being Approached While Shopping

Benjamin Harris

Updated Sunday, December 31, 2023 at 12:52 AM CDT

The Annoyance of Constantly Being Approached While Shopping

Frustration with Unwanted Assistance

When entering a store, it's common to expect a friendly greeting from the employees. However, for some shoppers, this initial interaction can quickly become bothersome. The author of the expresses their frustration when they enter a store and are immediately asked if they need help. They prefer to be able to browse on their own without feeling pressured.

It's understandable that store employees are just doing their job by offering assistance. However, the author mentions that they have had to tell store employees multiple times that they are just looking before deciding to leave the store without making a purchase. This constant badgering can be off-putting and make the shopping experience less enjoyable.

Shared Experiences of Harassment

The author is not alone in their frustration. Other ers have shared similar experiences where they felt harassed by employees who kept approaching them. One er recounts their experience at Bath & Body Works, where they eventually left without buying anything and contacted the company to complain. As a resolution, they received a $20 gift card. This highlights the impact that unwanted assistance can have on a shopper's overall experience.

Another er, who used to work in retail, agrees that initial greetings and offers of help are helpful. However, being approached multiple times and watched while shopping can be annoying and make them feel like they can't shop in peace. It's important for employees to strike a balance between being available for assistance and respecting a customer's space.

Pressure and Implicit Biases

A former employee of a jewelry store shares their experience of having to greet and offer help immediately, even circling around and asking again if the customer declined. The company believed every shopper had a goal to spend money, and it was their job to make them do so. This approach can create an uncomfortable atmosphere for customers who simply want to browse without feeling pressured.

Constant hovering and hounding as a shoplifting prevention measure is also questioned by another er. It can lead to implicit biases and make customers feel unwelcome. Instead of fostering a positive shopping environment, this practice can create a sense of unease and make customers less likely to return.

Desire for Peaceful Shopping

Many shoppers share the sentiment that initial greetings and offers of help are appreciated, but constant hovering and bothering become annoying. One er shares a personal experience of feeling pressured in a Lululemon shop. They were immediately approached upon entering and were asked if they needed help again after just two minutes. This intrusion into their shopping experience led them to leave the store without making a purchase.

the annoyance of constantly being approached while shopping is a shared frustration among many customers. It's important for store employees to strike a balance between offering assistance and respecting a customer's desire for a peaceful shopping experience. By providing a welcoming environment without pressuring customers, retailers can create a positive atmosphere that encourages customers to return and make purchases.

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