Embracing the Art of Film: Finding Value in Every Movie

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Saturday, May 25, 2024 at 6:00 AM CDT

Embracing the Art of Film: Finding Value in Every Movie

The Subjectivity of Movie Enjoyment

In the vast world of cinema, opinions on what constitutes a "good" or "bad" movie can vary significantly. One perspective that stands out is the belief that no movie is inherently bad because each one represents someone's hard work and creativity. This viewpoint underscores the idea that every film, regardless of its popularity or critical reception, holds intrinsic value and offers something to learn, enjoy, or appreciate.

For some viewers, like one Reddit user, the enjoyment of movies is a consistent experience. They cannot remember the last time they disliked a film, suggesting a deep appreciation for the medium in all its forms. This mindset contrasts sharply with the tendency of many to heavily criticize new releases. By focusing on the positive aspects and the intent behind each movie, these viewers find joy in even the smallest entertaining elements, such as the anticipation of how a story will unfold.

The Joy of Diverse Genres

Enjoying a wide range of genres can enhance one's appreciation for different types of films. One user, for instance, finds pleasure in musicals, comedies, and chick flicks, yet they can still derive enjoyment from action movies that may be poorly regarded by others. This open-minded approach allows them to find value in films that are universally considered bad because they are easily entertained.

Another user appreciates the mindset of enjoying movies as an average viewer. While this perspective may not align with the critical eye of film critics or creators, it fosters a more forgiving and enjoyable viewing experience. By overlooking many flaws, these viewers can appreciate movies that receive terrible reviews or are considered "so bad it's good." Understanding the intent behind a movie, even when its execution is flawed, can significantly enhance one's enjoyment.

Navigating Criticism and Flaws

In the realm of movie-watching, some individuals find themselves more critical than others. One user mentions having a friend who watches movies specifically to identify problems to complain about later. This critical mindset can lead to finding flaws in any film, no matter how perfect it may seem to others. Conversely, for some viewers, simply having a good time with a movie is enough to consider it enjoyable, regardless of its objective quality.

There are, however, objectively bad movies that even the most forgiving viewers may struggle to enjoy. "Birdemic," for example, is often cited as a film that challenges viewers to find any redeeming qualities. Despite this, another user believes in giving credit to filmmakers for their effort and vision, even if the final product falls short. This supportive mindset values the attempt and effort put into movie-making over the final result.

The Effort Behind Filmmaking

Creating a movie involves a significant investment of money, time, energy, and the ability to convince others to believe in the vision. The act of making a movie, regardless of its quality, is a commendable effort that many people do not undertake due to the fear of looking foolish. This perspective highlights the importance of recognizing and appreciating the hard work behind every film.

The community discussion reveals a range of perspectives on movie enjoyment, from finding entertainment in any film to recognizing the hard work behind even poorly received movies. By embracing a more open-minded and appreciative approach to movie-watching, viewers can find value and enjoyment in a broader spectrum of films. This mindset not only enhances the viewing experience but also fosters a deeper respect for the art of filmmaking.

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