The US Election: Popularity vs. Effective Governance

Avery Emberly

Updated Monday, January 8, 2024 at 1:16 PM CDT

The US Election: Popularity vs. Effective Governance

The Challenges of Electing Effective Leaders

In the United States, the electoral system often prioritizes electing individuals who possess the skills to win elections. However, this may not necessarily translate to effective governance. While popularity contests based on fundraising and campaigning play a significant role in the US electoral process, they can sometimes lead to a lack of concrete action from elected officials. This raises concerns about the overall effectiveness of the system.

The Rise of Third-Party Candidates

With the upcoming elections, there is a growing possibility of a higher vote share for third-party candidates. The Green and Libertarian parties, as well as RFK Jr., have the potential to pull in a significant number of votes. This indicates that some voters are exhausted by the status quo and may seek alternatives to the major party candidates. This shift in voter preferences could have an impact on the outcome of the elections.

The Biden Factor

President Joe Biden is almost certain to be the Democratic candidate for re-election. However, his chances of winning the presidency are estimated to be 50:50 at best. Concerns about Biden's age and physical stamina may arise during his campaign, potentially affecting his chances of winning. The upcoming live TV debates with former President Donald Trump could reveal Biden's weaknesses and have a significant impact on the outcome of the election.

The Importance of Biden's Vice President

The choice of Biden's vice president will be closely watched, considering his age and the possibility of him not completing a full term. This decision holds immense significance as it will shape the future of the country. The vice president will not only be the second in command but also a potential successor, should Biden be unable to fulfill his duties. The selection of the vice president will be a crucial factor in the election and the subsequent governance of the nation.

Policy and Platform Considerations

American politics often prioritize re-electing the incumbent candidate, regardless of the merits of other contenders. However, it is essential to consider the platforms and policies of the candidates rather than dismissing them as mere stooges of corporations. The policies of Biden and Trump, despite their age similarities, are vastly different. These policy differences will have a profound impact on the nation and its standing in the world.

The Global Impact of the US Elections

The US presidency is widely regarded as the most powerful job in the world, with decisions made by the president having a significant impact on a global scale. The US system of electing presidents plays a crucial role in shaping world affairs. The outcome of the elections will not only affect the American people but also have far-reaching consequences for international relations, trade, and diplomacy.

The Appeal of Third-Party Candidates

Third-party candidates may attract voters who are dissatisfied with the major party candidates. These candidates often bring fresh perspectives and alternative policy proposals to the table. Their presence in the election can challenge the dominance of the two-party system and provide voters with more choices. The rise of third-party candidates highlights the need for a more inclusive and diverse political landscape.

Biden's Age and Health Concerns

Biden's age and potential health concerns have raised questions about his ability to serve a full term. While age should not be the sole determining factor for electability, it is a legitimate concern for voters. Biden's performance in live TV debates with Trump will be closely scrutinized, as it could reveal his mental acuity and physical stamina. These factors will undoubtedly influence voters' decisions and may impact the outcome of the election.

The Vice President's Role

The choice of Biden's vice president will be closely examined, given the potential for him not completing a full term. The vice president serves as a crucial support system for the president and plays a significant role in shaping policies and decision-making. The selection of a capable and qualified vice president will provide reassurance to voters and ensure stability and continuity in the administration.

the US electoral system faces challenges in electing effective leaders who can translate their campaign skills into effective governance. The upcoming elections present an opportunity for third-party candidates to gain traction, reflecting a desire for alternatives to the major party candidates. Biden's age and health concerns, as well as his performance in live TV debates, will be crucial factors in determining his chances of getting re-elected. The choice of Biden's vice president will also be closely scrutinized, considering the possibility of him not completing a full term. Ultimately, the outcome of the elections will not only shape the future of the United States but also have a significant impact on the global stage.

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