The Rise of Singular They: A Preferred Pronoun Choice in Modern Language

Oliver Brown

Updated Tuesday, January 23, 2024 at 10:41 AM CDT

The Rise of Singular They: A Preferred Pronoun Choice in Modern Language

The Common Usage of Singular They in Everyday Language

The use of singular they as an indeterminate pronoun is not only common among non-binary individuals but also among educated individuals in general. It is often used when referring to a person whose gender is unknown or when talking about the actions of a complete stranger. This inclusive pronoun choice has gained popularity as a way to avoid gender assumptions and promote inclusivity in language.

Singular They in Academic Writing and Professional Fields

The use of singular they is preferred in certain fields, such as the sciences, where APA style is used for writing. APA style guidelines encourage the use of singular they as a gender-neutral pronoun, recognizing its importance in creating inclusive and unbiased language. Even professional copyeditors in the industry have given up on avoiding the use of singular they in print, realizing that people naturally use it in spoken language, whether they are educated or not.

The Importance of Acknowledging Singular They Usage

It is suggested to point out every time someone uses singular they, as it is a common practice in everyday language. By acknowledging and normalizing the use of singular they, we can promote inclusivity and create a more welcoming environment for people of all genders. "They" is the most common choice of pronoun when the gender is unknown or the sentence applies to someone of any gender. Using "he or she" can be clunky and repetitive, while singular they offers a concise and inclusive alternative.

The Shift in Academic Writing

In academic writing, the use of singular they has become more common, especially in the humanities. The use of "he or she" is now seen as outdated and less inclusive. Scholars and researchers are recognizing the importance of using language that reflects the diversity of gender ident***** and avoids assumptions. By embracing singular they, academic writing becomes more inclusive and respectful of all individuals.

The Benefits of Singular They

Using "they" as an indeterminate pronoun is both shorter and more inclusive than using "he or she." It allows for a more fluid and inclusive understanding of gender, promoting equality and respect. The use of singular they is not limited to non-binary individuals but is used by educated individuals in various contexts, such as referring to a person whose name is unknown or when discussing the actions of a stranger. It is a versatile pronoun choice that accommodates a wide range of gender ident*****.

the use of singular they has become increasingly prevalent in both everyday language and academic writing. It is a preferred pronoun choice that promotes inclusivity and avoids assumptions about gender. By embracing singular they, we can create a more inclusive and respectful society that values the diversity of gender ident*****.

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