The Need for Younger Presidential Candidates: A Critical Look at the 2020 Debate

Isabella Thomas

Updated Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 10:44 PM CDT

The Need for Younger Presidential Candidates: A Critical Look at the 2020 Debate

The State of Presidential Debates

The 2020 presidential debates between Joe Biden and Donald Trump have been a subject of intense scrutiny and criticism. Many viewers described the debates as "beyond boring," expressing frustration with the lack of substantive discussion. Both candidates were perceived as mentally slow, leading to a widespread desire for younger, more dynamic presidential candidates.

Joe Biden's Performance

Joe Biden's frequent stuttering during the debates did not go unnoticed. Many viewers found his speech patterns distracting, noting that he often sounded like "an old fart every other minute." This perception of cognitive decline has fueled the argument for younger candidates who can present their ideas more clearly and effectively.

Donald Trump's Approach

Donald Trump, on the other hand, was criticized for dodging questions and using his time to virtue signal. Viewers were frustrated with his tendency to focus on displaying his moral superiority rather than answering questions directly. The moderators were also criticized for allowing Trump to dominate the conversation without intervention, further diminishing the quality of the debate.

The Need for Change

The er's frustration with the current state of presidential debates highlights a broader issue: the need for change in the age demographic of presidential candidates. The desire for younger candidates stems from a belief that they would bring fresh perspectives and more dynamic energy to the political arena. This shift could potentially lead to more engaging and substantive debates, addressing the concerns of those who feel let down by the current format.

Criticism of Both Candidates

Neither Biden nor Trump were considered clever debaters by the er. Both candidates' performances were seen as lackluster, contributing to the overall negative tone of the debate. The er's use of derogatory language to describe the candidates' ages underscores the dissatisfaction with the current political landscape.

A Call for Younger Leaders

The call for younger presidential candidates is not just about age but also about the ability to engage with a diverse and evolving electorate. Younger candidates may be better equipped to address contemporary issues and connect with younger voters, who are increasingly becoming a significant demographic in elections.

The critical reception of the 2020 presidential debates underscores a growing desire for change. The need for younger, more dynamic candidates is evident, and addressing this demand could lead to more engaging and substantive political discourse in the future.

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