The Mysterious Tradition of Throwing Octopi on the Ice: A Unique Hockey Spectacle

James Hernandez

Updated Sunday, April 14, 2024 at 8:11 AM CDT

The Mysterious Tradition of Throwing Octopi on the Ice: A Unique Hockey Spectacle

The Origins of a Peculiar Tradition

For over eight years, the act of throwing octopi onto the ice during hockey games has captivated fans and puzzled spectators. This intriguing tradition originated in Detroit, where one brave individual ventured into a fish market to purchase a pre-boiled octopus specifically for this purpose. The fish market even provided gloves and discreetly bagged the octopus, allowing it to be easily smuggled into the arena.

The Stealthy Act of Octopus Concealment

To successfully execute this daring act, the person had to conceal the octopus in their pants while walking into the arena. Once inside, they discreetly retrieved the octopus and placed it between their feet, eagerly awaiting the start of the game. Surprisingly, no one intervened or removed them for their unusual choice of ice adornment.

The Detroit Red Wings' Octopus Tradition

The Detroit Red Wings have a long-standing history of fans throwing octopi onto the ice during games. Boiling the octopus for 20-30 minutes beforehand helps remove any unpleasant odors and sliminess. To ensure inconspicuous transportation, the octopus can be placed in a ziplock bag and taped to the body, such as the stomach or inner thigh.

The Battle of the Octopi: Wings vs. Pens

During the Stanley Cup matchup between the Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins, an interesting twist occurred. People in Pittsburgh were carded when buying octopi, possibly to prevent them from participating in this unique tradition. The act of throwing octopi on the ice during a game serves as a form of support for the opposing team playing against the Penguins.

Controversy and Curiosity Surrounding Octopus Throwing

While some view the act of throwing octopi on the ice as a harmless and quirky tradition, others consider it cruel towards these intelligent creatures. However, it's important to note that the octopus thrown onto the ice is likely already deceased, slightly lessening the creepiness factor.

The person who initially threw the octopus experienced the Wings losing the game 6-2, adding an intriguing twist to this peculiar spectacle. Interestingly, the individual responsible for the act hailed from Philadelphia and may have been attempting to impress someone with their audacious display.

A Unique Tradition That Continues to Intrigue

Throwing octopi on the ice during a hockey game has become an iconic and mysterious tradition associated with Detroit Red Wings games. The octopus is boiled before being thrown to prevent it from sticking to the ice, ensuring a seamless and captivating spectacle. This peculiar tradition remains an enigmatic and fascinating spectacle that adds an element of excitement to the world of hockey.

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