The Most Obvious Thing Human Society Has Never Developed

Aiden Starling

Updated Thursday, November 9, 2023 at 11:52 PM CDT

The Most Obvious Thing Human Society Has Never Developed

The Road Not Taken: Humanity's Missed Opportunity

In a thought-provoking Reddit post, user Fair-Equivalent-8651 highlights a short story by Harry Turtledove called "The Road Not Taken." The story explores the idea that faster-than-light travel is remarkably easy to discover through a simple manipulation of gravity. Most societies in the story figure it out around the high middle ages, but humans, driven by their inclination for conflict, have spent centuries perfecting ways to harm one another instead. This failure to grasp the concept of gravity warp leaves humans vulnerable to a dominant warlike race that mocks them before attempting an invasion. However, to their surprise, the invaders are swiftly obliterated, leading to the realization that humanity now possesses access to the entire galaxy. Turtledove's story serves as a reminder of the missed opportunity for human society to develop faster-than-light travel and the consequences that come with it.

The Automatic Toilet Seat: A Simple Solution to a Common Problem

User kagoolx introduces an idea that many can relate to: automatic toilet seats for public toilets. The concept is similar to cinema seats that automatically raise when not in use. This innovation would prevent toilet seats from becoming soiled with u****, a common issue in public restrooms. Despite the practicality of this idea, it has yet to be implemented widely. While kagoolx acknowledges that the concept may be less relevant for female-only toilets, it could still be beneficial in unisex restrooms, such as those found on trains. The popularity of this comment demonstrates the shared frustration with the lack of progress in addressing this seemingly simple problem.

Eradicating Homelessness and Poverty: A Moral Imperative

User straight_trash_homie raises a crucial point about the failure of human society to eradicate homelessness and poverty. While it is within our capabilities to provide free housing and implement universal basic income, societal priorities have shifted towards the pursuit of wealth accumulation for the mega-rich. This collective decision to prioritize the interests of the wealthy over the well-being of the most vulnerable is a reflection of our societal values. The comment highlights the embarrassment of not addressing these pressing issues and suggests that a truly advanced society would have already found a solution. The user's edit emphasizes the need for critical thinking and compassion when discussing homelessness and poverty, reminding us of the humanity that should underpin our actions.

The Reddit post and accompanying comments shed light on some of the most obvious things human society has never developed. From the missed opportunity of faster-than-light travel to the lack of automatic toilet seats in public restrooms and the failure to eradicate homelessness and poverty, these examples highlight the areas where our progress as a society falls short. They serve as a reminder that true advancement requires not only technological innovation but also a shift in societal values towards compassion, equality, and the pursuit of the common good.

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