The Importance of Education for Mormon Women: Empowering Preparedness and Equal Partnerships

Benjamin Harris

Updated Tuesday, February 20, 2024 at 6:48 AM CDT

The Importance of Education for Mormon Women: Empowering Preparedness and Equal Partnerships

Emphasizing Preparedness: The Role of Education in Mormonism

Mormon women are encouraged to get degrees in order to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances, such as if their husband becomes unable to work or passes away. This emphasis on preparedness is a key aspect of Mormonism. While it is a norm for Mormon women to be primary caregivers for their children, it is widely accepted and encouraged for women to work outside the home. There is no requirement for them to be stay-at-home moms.

Beyond Job Opportunities: The Value of Education

Education holds value beyond just job opportunities. Studies have shown a strong correlation between a child's academic success and the level of education their mother has completed. The LDS Church acknowledges that individual circumstances may require adaptation to the ideal roles of fathers as providers and mothers as nurturers. Extended family support is also encouraged in times of need.

Equal Partnerships: Education and Balanced Relationships

The concept of "equal partners" is emphasized within the LDS Church, and having a highly educated spouse can contribute to a balanced partnership. Education is seen as an important resource for managing household finances and ensuring future stability. Mormonism places a strong emphasis on education, valuing it as a means to become a more informed person and better citizen, rather than solely for career purposes. This attitude towards education is seen as beneficial for society as a whole.

A Global Perspective: Education in Cultural Context

The value placed on education is not unique to Mormonism, as it is also common in many Asian and Middle Eastern cultures where highly educated women are valued as wives and homemakers rather than sources of income. Modern Mormonism may not be as strict on women working outside the home as it is often perceived. While staying home may be an ideal, it is not necessarily a rule. Many Mormon women do work, at least occasionally.

Supportive Partners: Encouraging Education for Women

Mormon men are also encouraged to support their wives in pursuing education, even attending classes aimed at women with children during their own college years. These classes are not limited to cooking and cleaning but are regular classes tailored to accommodate women's schedules. The practicality of having skills and education is emphasized, as it prepares women for unexpected circumstances such as the death or disability of their partner. Skills like computer science or hairdressing can provide financial stability in such situations.

education plays a vital role in the lives of Mormon women. It not only prepares them for unforeseen circumstances but also contributes to their personal growth, fosters equal partnerships, and benefits society as a whole. The emphasis on education within Mormonism showcases a progressive approach that values the empowerment and preparedness of women in all aspects of life.

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