The Impact of Profession on Relationships: Exploring Compatibility and Personal Preferences

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Friday, March 8, 2024 at 6:11 AM CDT

The Impact of Profession on Relationships: Exploring Compatibility and Personal Preferences

The Original ER's Decision: Compatibility Concerns

In a Reddit thread discussing the impact of profession on relationships, a user shared their experience of turning down a potential partner who was a doctor. The original ER felt that their lifestyles wouldn't be compatible due to the demands of their respective professions. This decision sparked a debate among the participants in the thread.

Many participants expressed their disagreement with the original ER's decision, arguing that turning down someone based on their profession seemed unreasonable. They believed that personal compatibility should be based on individual qualities rather than the nature of one's job.

Exploring Reasons for Profession-Based Dating Preferences

During the discussion, the original ER also mentioned their aversion to dating police officers. This led to a broader conversation about various professions that people may choose to avoid when it comes to dating. Some of the mentioned professions included doctors, military personnel, law enforcement officers, and lawyers.

Participants in the thread shared their perspectives on why they might choose not to date someone in certain professions. Reasons ranged from concerns about long periods of separation in military relationships to the potential impact of high-stress jobs on mental health and overall well-being.

The Impact of Profession on Relationships Explored

One participant shared a personal story of how their relationship with their spouse would not have been possible if they were still in the military. They acknowledged that the demands of the job can strain relationships and expressed gratitude for meeting their partner at the perfect time to build a life together.

Different professions can take a toll on relationships in various ways. Some require long periods of separation, while others can have a significant impact on mental health or become all-encompassing, defining a person's personality. It's important to recognize that the effects of a profession can extend to the spouse as well.

Setting Boundaries and Prioritizing Happiness

The thread emphasized that there are countless valid reasons to decide not to date someone based on their profession. One participant highlighted the importance of knowing one's own limits and understanding what would make them unhappy in a relationship. This self-awareness allows individuals to set boundaries and prioritize their own happiness.

For example, one participant mentioned that they knew they wanted children and desired a partner who would be present in their lives. As a result, they wouldn't pursue anything serious with someone in the active military, as the demands of the job might hinder their ability to be fully present.

Compatibility and Shared Values in Relationships

The decisions made by the original ER and the participants in the thread underscore the significance of personal compatibility and shared values in a relationship. While some individuals may prioritize certain professions, others may have different preferences or priorities.

The disagreement between the original ER and their friend suggests that opinions on dating someone based on their profession can vary among individuals. It is essential to recognize and respect these differences, as they contribute to the uniqueness of each person's dating preferences.


The Reddit thread delved into the impact of profession on relationships, highlighting the importance of personal compatibility and shared values. It emphasized the significance of self-awareness, setting boundaries, and prioritizing one's own happiness when it comes to dating someone based on their profession.

The diverse experiences and perspectives shared in the thread reflect the complexity of navigating relationships in the context of different professions. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to determine their own preferences and limitations, ensuring that they find a partner who aligns with their values and desired lifestyle.

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