The Fascinating Idea of Ultra-Rich Individuals Buying Isolated Islands

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Tuesday, October 10, 2023 at 2:24 AM CDT

The Fascinating Idea of Ultra-Rich Individuals Buying Isolated Islands

The allure of absolute freedom and micro-states

Have you ever wondered why ultra-rich, eccentric individuals like Elon Musk don't simply buy isolated tiny islands from impoverished banana republics? The idea of purchasing an entire territory and setting up micro-states with absolute freedom is intriguing. However, there are several factors that make such purchases unlikely, including the high cost, lack of protection, and limited amenities. Let's explore these reasons further.

The cost and practicality of buying isolated islands

While it may seem plausible that a billionaire could purchase an island for a relatively low price from a poor country, the reality is quite different. The price tag for such territories can be exorbitant, often far exceeding the net worth of even the wealthiest individuals. Elon Musk, for example, has a net worth of $44 billion, but most of his wealth is t****** in the companies he owns. This means that he may not have enough liquid cash available to make such a purchase outright.

Furthermore, even if a billionaire were to arrange a loan to buy an island, the value of the land itself may be questionable. Without government services, utilities, or infrastructure, the island could be considered worthless. Additionally, there would be no army or protection to safeguard the territory, making it vulnerable to annexation by other countries seeking to expand their territories.

The limitations of isolated islands

Another aspect to consider is the limited amenities and potential boredom that may come with owning an isolated island. While the idea of absolute freedom and escaping the reach of the law may sound appealing, the reality is that without the infrastructure and establishments found in more developed areas, life on an isolated island could quickly become monotonous.

As one Reddit user, TheBoorOf1812, pointed out, being a billionaire allows individuals to purchase luxurious homes in desirable locations with breathtaking views, great weather, and established shops and restaurants. These places offer a vibrant social scene and a wide range of activities, providing a more fulfilling lifestyle compared to a barren island lacking in amenities.

The need for societal protection

Contrary to popular belief, billionaires like Elon Musk actually require the protections provided by a just society. When you own land within a society, the government ensures the enforcement of laws and the protection of property rights. This "social contract" is essential for maintaining order and stability.

By purchasing an island explicitly to be absent from any state, individuals would be removing themselves from these protections. Without the rule of law, their ownership and rights to the land would be precarious, leaving them vulnerable to disputes and potential conflicts.

In the case of ultra-rich individuals, who often have significant assets and investments, the need for protection is even more crucial. Their wealth and influence make them potential targets, making it essential for them to have the support of a just society.

While the idea of ultra-rich, eccentric individuals buying isolated islands and establishing micro-states with absolute freedom may seem intriguing, there are several practical and logistical reasons why this is unlikely to happen. The high cost, lack of protection, limited amenities, and the need for societal support make such purchases unfeasible for individuals like Elon Musk. Instead, billionaires often opt for luxurious properties in desirable locations that offer a more fulfilling and secure lifestyle.

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