The Dos and Don'ts of Accepting Drinks from Guys at Bars

Aiden Starling

Updated Monday, January 29, 2024 at 1:09 PM CDT

The Dos and Don'ts of Accepting Drinks from Guys at Bars

Ensuring Safety and Communicating Preferences

When a guy offers to buy you a drink, it is important to only accept a drink that you see the bartender make and the bartender directly hands to you. This ensures your safety and prevents any tampering with the drink. It's always better to be cautious and prioritize your well-being in social situations.

The guy should buy you a drink of your choice. He may ask you what you're drinking and offer to get you the same or ask you to choose something else. This allows you to have control over what you're consuming and ensures that you'll enjoy the drink. If you have a preference, don't hesitate to communicate it.

If you accept a drink, it implies that you are open to some flirting or conversation with the guy. However, accepting a drink does not mean you owe him anything more than that. It's essential to set boundaries and make it clear what your intentions are. Accepting a drink is not a sign of obligation or consent.

It is recommended to pick the drink yourself to avoid getting a drink you don't like. If the guy asks what you want, you can tell him your preference. This way, you can ensure that you'll enjoy the drink and have a pleasant experience. Don't hesitate to communicate your taste or any allergies you may have.

If you're already drinking something when a guy offers to buy you a drink, it is common for him to offer to buy you the next drink. This shows his interest and willingness to continue the conversation. It's a polite gesture and can be seen as a way to prolong the interaction in a social setting.

If the guy leaves without paying his tab, you are not responsible for paying for the drink he got you. If he has a tab open, the bartender already has his credit card information. It's important to remember that you are not financially liable for someone else's actions. The bartender will handle the situation accordingly.

As a bartender, it is advised not to point at a girl across the bar and ask the bartender to tell her that you want to buy her a drink. This approach is considered childish and unlikely to lead to a conversation. Instead, approaching people you're interested in directly is seen as more mature and effective.

In a real-life example, a guy tried to buy a drink for a girl without even speaking to her. He asked the bartender to put a drink on his tab for her, but this approach is not recommended and often leads to awkward situations. It's important to establish a connection through conversation rather than relying on indirect methods.

The guy should not pick the drink for you. It is your choice what you want to drink. You can tell the guy what you want or directly communicate your order to the bartender if you're at the bar. This way, you can ensure that you're getting a drink that suits your taste and preferences.

If the guy gets you a drink you don't like, you are not obligated to drink it. It is important to communicate your preferences to avoid any discomfort. Politely let the guy know that the drink isn't to your liking, and if he insists, it may be a sign that he's not respecting your boundaries.

If you already have a drink when a guy offers to buy you one, the intention is usually for your next round. It is not expected for you to have two drinks simultaneously. This is a common social practice and a way to continue the conversation and show interest.

If the guy leaves without paying his tab, whether you have to pay for the drink he got you depends on whether he communicated with the bartender. If he did, then you don't have to pay for it. However, if there was no communication between the guy and the bartender, it's best to clarify the situation with the bartender.

Sometimes, there may not be any implication behind a guy offering to buy you a drink. It could simply be a gesture of generosity or friendliness. Not every interaction at a bar has to be loaded with romantic intentions. It's important to approach these situations with an open mind and not make assumptions.

Some people offer to pick up the next round when hanging out. In this case, they would tell the bartender to put the other person's next round on their tab, and it will be paid for when they close the tab. This is a common practice among friends and can be seen as a friendly gesture rather than a romantic one.

It is important to remember that buying someone a drink does not guarantee any specific outcome or expectation. It is a gesture that can initiate conversation or show interest, but it is not a transaction for anything beyond that. It's crucial to approach these situations with realistic expectations and open communication.

Bartenders are there to serve drinks and ensure everyone's safety. They are not responsible for passing messages or facilitating interactions like they are in middle school. It's important to engage directly with the person you're interested in and not rely on indirect methods. Take the initiative and start a conversation yourself.

It is crucial to approach people you're interested in directly and engage in conversation rather than relying on indirect methods or expecting the drink to do all the work for you. Building a genuine connection requires active participation and communication. Take the opportunity to get to know each other and enjoy the conversation.

accepting drinks from guys at bars can be a fun and enjoyable part of socializing. However, it's important to prioritize your safety, communicate your preferences, and set boundaries. Remember that accepting a drink does not imply any obligations and that direct communication is key in establishing genuine connections. So, next time someone offers to buy you a drink, enjoy the moment while keeping these guidelines in mind.

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