The Complex Views of Conservatives on Birth Control

Madison Young

Updated Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 10:14 PM CDT

The Complex Views of Conservatives on Birth Control

Religious Interpretations and Personal Beliefs

Some conservatives believe that birth control is a form of abortion, based on their interpretation of religious texts like Psalm 139:13-16, which states that any joining of s**** and egg creates a soul. According to these conservatives, certain forms of birth control work by shedding the uterine lining, potentially killing a fertilized egg that is considered a blessed child by God. Similarly, other forms of birth control are believed to prevent a fertilized egg from properly implanting in the uterine lining, leading to the death of a child that God had begun to knit together.

The Purpose of Sex and Religious Teachings

Conservatives who hold these beliefs view any joining of s**** and egg as part of God's mysterious plan and believe that every child must be born and raised properly according to their religious teachings. The belief that sex has a specific purpose primarily for procreation is prevalent in certain faiths, such as Catholicism and Islam. These faiths view contraceptives as denying the intended purpose of sex and potentially count them as similar to abortions, as they may prevent the creation of a potential human life.

Diversity of Conservative Opinions

While these beliefs exist, it is acknowledged that not all conservatives adhere strictly to them, and pragmatism often plays a role in individual decision-making regarding contraception. Many conservative voters do not support banning birth control, as evidenced by a poll showing that 93% of Republican voters support access to birth control. It is important to note that the conservatives who advocate for banning contraceptives are often driven by religious beliefs and may not represent the views of all conservatives.

Avoiding Generalizations and Promoting Dialogue

Not all conservatives are religious extremists, and it is unfair to generalize all conservatives based on the beliefs of a few. Many conservatives, including those who are not religious, do not want to ban birth control and may even support making it more accessible or free. The perception that all conservatives are against birth control is inaccurate and fails to consider the diversity of opinions within the conservative ideology.

The issue of banning contraceptives is not solely a conservative stance, as there are conservatives who support access to birth control and liberals who may hold reservations about certain forms of contraception. The debate surrounding contraceptives and their availability involves complex considerations, including religious beliefs, personal values, and societal norms. While some conservatives may have reservations about certain forms of birth control, the majority of conservative voters support access to contraceptives, highlighting the diversity of opinions within the conservative community.

the discussion around contraceptives should be approached with nuance and an understanding that not all conservatives hold the same views on this issue. It is essential to engage in respectful dialogue and avoid generalizations when discussing the beliefs and opinions of conservatives regarding contraceptives.

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